Is Your Business Ready For VoIP?

Is your business ready for VoIP? When is it a good time to look into replacing your current system with an internet phone service? What should you ask yourself before making the final switch? Lucky for you we have made a list of those exact questions.

  1. Is your business about to expand or has it recently grown in size? If so, you should definitely consider VoIP. VoIP makes it easy to add new locations and employees. VoIP PBX systems are much more flexible than traditional PBX’s, and adding extensions is much simpler. Hosted VoIP solutions also make it possible to connect different locations under the phone system, even if offices are in different states or countries.

  2. Does your provider support your current hardware and infrastructure? Many traditional phone service providers are separate from PBX vendors. Thus, the service provider does not support the PBX and you are required to use two different companies to manage the same system, one for the service and one for the hardware. VoIP allows both aspects to be managed by the same company. This can drastically reduce hassles associated with coordinating maintenance from two seperate companies.  If not, it’s probably a good time to make some upgrades because system support is vital. This would be a good time to look into VoIP.

  3. Do you have workers that are constantly on the move or in different locations? VoIP allows far greater flexibility for working remotely. With the ability to easily forward calls from a work number to a mobile phone, VoIP enables workers on the go to be available, even on the road. IP phones are functional from any high speed internet connection, and due to each phone’s unique IP address, no matter what the physical location, calls to a specific extension will always be routed to the phone assigned.

  4. Are you looking for new productive ways to improve communication? VoIP offers a number of features that make communicating with your employees easier. For example, phone to PC service allows you to reach employees as long as they have their laptop and an internet connection.

  5. How effective will this be for your Company? Before you switch to VoIP ask yourself how effective will VoIP be for your company. For example, what level of service are you used to and how will this change once you make the switch?

  6. Can you afford it? At first this questions may not make sense. Isn’t the point of switching to VoIP to save money? The answer is yes, and if done correctly your business should save money in the long run. The questions is can you afford the initial costs that may come with the switching and implementation process. Such costs may include updating your network, training employees, and doing research.