Five Common Myths about VoIP

  1. Switching to VoIP costs too much.
    Switching to VoIP can be expensive if certain infrastructural elements are not already in place, such as a high speed internet connection. Since most every building and home these days is wired with a high speed connection, the costs to switch to VoIP are relative to the needs of each individual VoIP user. To switch your home phone over to a VoIP service is as simple as buying a single analog telephone adapter or a new IP telephone which should not cost you more than $150. In the case of businesses, the costs will vary based on the number of extensions that are required as well as the specific preferences of the company in question.
  2. VoIP users save thousands with their service.
    Now don’t get us wrong you will save money with VoIP service compared to a traditional phone system, however the service costs may seem comparable in many cases. You realize the cost savings of VoIP through the highly reduced maintenance costs, not having to buy costly equipment, and not having to buy new equipment to obtain feature upgrades. The service costs alone are not the proper basis to determine the best value in a phone system; you must consider all of the long term maintenance fees and costs of upgrading, all of which are greatly reduced with most VoIP services.
  3. Voice quality is sub-par compared to traditional phone systems.
    Years ago this myth was true, internet connections were not as reliable and the equipment was not nearly as advanced as it is now. VoIP today is much different. Just about anyone can say with confidence that the improvements made to the internet, as well as its ubiquitous presence, over the past ten years have changed the way we live completely. Those same improvements that took place over the years to the internet have resulted in VoIP becoming as reliable as traditional phone systems, if not more so.
  4. VoIP equals free calls.
    You can make some free calls with VoIP but this is really only one way of achieving this. You must use an open-source platform such as Skype or Google Voice and the recipient of the call must be using the same platform, otherwise you end up getting charged a small per minute fee. With regard to VoIP service providers, it is made clear upfront that there are costs associated with their services. Despite the costs, these companies provide their clients with some of the most highly functional and feature rich phone systems, allowing you to tailor your phone system exactly to your needs.
  5. You have to disable your firewall in order to use VoIP.
    This is not the case at all. Voice over IP does not require you to disable your firewall in order to make or receive calls, so you do not have to worry at all about compromising the security of your activity on the internet.