Business VoIP for Large Enterprises

Slowly but surely, many larger businesses are switching to VoIP networks.   Even in larger companies having a clear and reliable telephone connection is crucial especially if you are a business that offers a large amount of telephonic support to your clients. 

Let’s compare how a traditional phone service matches up to an internet phone service :

One: All businesses whether they be large or small cite flexibility and reduced operational costs, simplicity of set-up, and ease of management as the main reasons for switching  over to a VoIP network. Such a network makes it easy to do everyday administrative tasks such as adding new employees or managing employees that have changed their location.  

Two:  It used to be that even if an employee changed his location to another place in the same building he would need a new number.  This would cause an increase in operational costs or would require physical changes if he wanted to keep his old number.  With a digital phone, that same employee can use their old number from their new location.  The advantage here is that big businesses with multiple locations have greater flexibility in moving employees or setting up temporary work groups.

Three:  A converged network is a huge bonus because managing a high number of wide area networks can be complex. A common network is therefore beneficial because by offering both voice and data application through a converged network the complexity of sheer number of networks is reduced.

Four: Money is saved in voice calls, toll costs, and regulatory costs, especially if the firm has multiple locations.

With so many benefits why has this shift been gradual?

One:  Initial cost of implementing the new technology; since most businesses have previously invested in telephony equipment, they need to be sure the ROI is worthwhile before they make the switch to internet phone service provides.

Two:  Reliability of service, quality of voice calls and security.  Large companies may have to carry out minor network upgrades for the digital phone to be a better alternative than the traditional phone system. Similar upgrades will have to be made for taking care of security concerns.


The positives significantly outweigh the negatives.  If you are a big business take advantage of the digital phone system.