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Let’s compare how a traditional phone service matches up to VoIP.When is it a good time to look into replacing your current system with an internet phone service?
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The Virtual Phone System for Small Businesses
  • Separate work and personal
  • Look and sound professional
  • Exclusive DEAL: Get $75 off


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VoIP Business UK's #1 VoIP Provider
  • HD Voice Fax and Conference
  • Complimentary 14 day trial
  • 300,000+ business customers


112 Reviews

VoIP for Business Hosted PBX
  • Business VoIP for $5/month
  • Deploys instantly
  • Virtual receptionist, admin panel


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VoIP. A technology buzzword that you may have long overlooked, but now it’s time to take notice. VoIP provides cost saving possibilities of as high as 40% over traditional telecom bills. With consumer adoption reaching over 12 million subscribers in 2008, VoIP has proven that it’s here to stay. Businesses may have been wise to be wary that VoIP was a temporary trend in the past, but VoIP is proving to be more than just a passing fad.

For companies that fall in the small to medium size (between 5 and 100 employees) there are a number of options when choosing a VoIP phone solution. One option is the Hosted PBX provider. A hosted VoIP PBX is an internet based management service that houses the PBX equipment in its own network operations center. The system operates just as a standard in-house PBX does in an office; however, the main difference is that your company does not have to buy, install, or maintain any of the PBX equipment. The equipment is constantly updated and maintained by the service provider which saves you from regular IT administration and upgrade costs in addition to not having to make the initial capital expense… Read More