One Look Back, Two Steps Forward

There was much progress in the VoIP world in 2004, though not as much as Voxilla predicted exactly one year ago. Will the pace of change accelerate in 2005? We think so. We take a peek back at our predicitions for the year gone past and don the swami cap as we look boldly into the near future of the phone. … [Read more...]

First Looks: Linksys PAP2 Is Quite Familiar

A few unlocked versions of the router company's first foray into VoIP have hit the street, and we took one for a ride. As reported, the device is based on the Sipura SPA-2000, is configured like the SPA-2000, and even sounds like the SPA-2000. Yet the twins are not exactly identical. … [Read more...]

Broadvoice Takes The “Limits” Off “Unlimited”

The Massachussetts-based VoIP service provider bucks the industry trend by sharing configuration settings with its customers, allowing use of its $19.95/mo. unlimited plan with virtually any SIP device. … [Read more...]

First Looks: Sipura SPA-3000

Sipura's soon-to-be-released high-end telephone adaptor has been eagerly awaited by VoIP fans. In this sneak peak, we explain why this tiny device will have a giant impact on the communications world. … [Read more...]