First Looks: WiFi Phones That Actually Work?

WiFi VoIP phones have been a disappointment: anemic battery life, bare bone features and feeble sound quality. The latest entries in the field, the Linksys WIP300 and WIP330, make big strides forward in all three areas. … [Read more...]

First Looks: Linksys SPA9000

Voxilla's been playing with the eagerly anticipated small-form PBX for a while and, now that it has finally been officially announced, we tell you what we think. In short: this baby's powerful, innovative and, depite some minor annoyances, well worth the small price. … [Read more...]

PhoneGnome Hits the Road

SoftGnome, a new extension service for the popular and simple to use VoIP-PSTN integrating PhoneGnome, allows subscribers to make and take calls over their PSTN lines from anywhere broadband access is available and using any SIP-based hardware or software device. … [Read more...]

Sipura Rolls On After Sale

The VoIP device manufacturer is showing no signs of slowing down in the innovation department even after the late April announcement that it is being bought by Linksys. Sipura has announced a new two-port telephone adaptor, significant software upgrades to its existing line of products, and major enhancements to the popular SPA-3000 phone adaptor. … [Read more...]