Baby Bell Heavyweight Jumps Into the VoIP Ring

SBC, the country's second largest telephone company, expects IP telephony to become its customers' "preferred" service and accelerates it's residential service announcement as a result of a recent FCC ruling beneficial to VoIP providers. … [Read more...]

Brix Updates Its TestYourVoIP Service

Popular VoIP testing portal now provides details on test calls path over the network and allows users to save, review and compare personal test results over time. … [Read more...]

FCC Takes Over VoIP Regulation

On a 3-2 ruling, the agency decides that only it has the power to regulate IP-based telephony, and not the handful of states and, more recently, municipalities, that had been trying to involve themselves in the technology. Service providers laud the ruling, though it's not clear if it will have an impact on state and local taxation issues. … [Read more...]

VoIP Plays Big Role in Presidential Election Turnout

One service provider notes a five-fold increase in traffic as Democratic Party volunteers make thousands of VoIP calls on behalf of Senator John Kerry into battleground states in what some are saying is one of the highest voter turnouts in decades. … [Read more...]