Look, Officer, No Hands

Voice-on-the-Go is endangering a species: that galvanizing stock figure of our times, the driver yakking on the cell phone. You’ve seen him, you may even be her. If so, Voice-On-The-Go wants to render you extinct. The first time I waited behind a car with an AM I LATE vanity plate, watching its power-suited driver cradle her cell to her ear in the now familiar gesture, was also my first and only road rage incident. The second the light turned green, I goosed my horn, an act of automotive … [Read more...]

The Lowdown on Enterprise Telephony

The lowdown on enterprise telephony is more of a low-up, with pure IP PBX systems sales growth of 3 percent in the first quarter of 2007, up 76 percent from last quarter, according to Infonetics Research. In the meantime, traditional TDM PBX system sales feebly lifted its head, after five quarters running of losses, showing a flash of life in a declining picture, marked by a sorry medical chart at the foot of its bed — negative 45 percent over the last five years. You can see which way … [Read more...]

Skype Goes to Wal-Mart

What do Wal-mart and Bluto have in common? They’re both best noted for being, well —big. So Skype is trying to reach the people in the marketplace bigtime. The Wal-Mart marketplace, namely, in more than 1,800 of the ubiquitous big box stores in all its forms: Wal-Mart Stores, Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets, and Sam’s Clubs. Ten years ago VoIP was the domain of hobbyists and uber-geeks. What they were doing involved a headset and what most people — think Wal-mart shoppers … [Read more...]