Nemertes’ Feng Shui for Virtual Workers

No, no, no, it’s not namaste. Nemertes. Nemertes Research, that is. But your confusion is understandable, because Nemertes is a guru — a guru for the Virtual Workplace. And if you’re in IT, you should be putting your corporate palms together and bowing right now. The hot-off-the-virtual-press nine-volume Nemertes benchmark called "Building the Successful Virtual Workplace” reveals some startling facts. Organizations of all sizes looking to increase the number of devices they use … [Read more...]

The Bigger the Couch Potato, the Deeper the Wallet

Just in case you wonder if the NSA is watching you, let me clue you in on your real not-so-secret sharer. Forget your electronic diary, your business deals and double deals, and the fifth wife you’re hiding in the apartment around the corner. Harris Interactive researchers have homed in on one of your most tender and intimate moments. And they understand you so well, they’ve coaxed you into telling all. Harris figured out that the whole point of screwing your backside into that … [Read more...]

Mobile Computing Without the Computer

Now that the cell phone is your fifth most reliable appendage — Viagra notwithstanding — you naturally want to be able to access and do everything else with it, like contact and deploy your weightier less-portable electronic footprint. Transmedia is in the ring for you with GlideMobile — its new information management system that’s designed to let you reach and use every file on your PC, Mac and Linux computers, personal and professional. It also seeks to remove the need … [Read more...]

Extending Adolescence for Avaya : A Chat with VoIP Watch’s Andy Abramson Why is the Avaya merger such a big deal? Abramson: First of all, I don’t think it is that big a deal. Who bought Avaya? Two private equity groups — Silver Lake and TPG Capital — bought Avaya out because because they believe that there’s hidden value in the intellectual property Avaya has, the market share Avaya has and their ability to use that so they can go out and buy up other companies and that they can make a stronger company which Avaya couldn’t do as a … [Read more...]