You Should Come to eComm

There are not many things more annoying about working in the communications space than the constant email invitations to big conferences that offer too little for too much. With few exceptions, I don't go to them. One conference I do plan to attend is Emerging Communications America 2010, or as communications insiders call Lee Dryburgh's little but potent get-together, eComm. Some of the more promising sessions at the third annual eComm at the Marriot Hotel at San Francisco … [Read more...]

Iotum Adds a Pretty Voice to Facebook

The ceaselessly energetic Iotum team has released a Facebook app that gives social networking a voice it can use. Known for its “Relevance Engine” that attempts to bring some human intelligence and brain power to incoming calls, the Ottawa-based Iotum’s app is about as close to a click-and-call service as one can get on Facebook. Setting up a free conference call (which can consist of as few as two participants) takes about 30 seconds. And participants are reminded via SMS on their … [Read more...]

GrandCentral’s Video Game

Fresh from a once-in-a-lifetime media coup involving the New York Times, tech pundit David Pogue's overly clever little script and a video camera (worth a small chuckle here), Craig Walker and Vincent Paquet of GrandCentral hit on an idea . . . asking subscribers to their service to put together their own video shorts on "how you use your GrandCentral account or one of its features." In an email to users, Walker and Paquet list eight video categories, each corresponding to GrandCentral … [Read more...]

FuturePhone is of the Past

Paul Kapustka does a great job in GigaOM of dissecting the apparent fall of "free" international VoIP service provider FuturePhone. It appears, Kapustka reports, that legal threats from AT&T against arbitrage players in the state of Iowa forced FuturePhone to shut down. AT&T's lawsuit, though by no means a slam-dunk, gives the company, Kapustka writes, "a legal reason to stall payments" in the millions for calls routed through FuturePhone's Iowa servers. And, without the cash owed by AT&T, … [Read more...]