Why You Don’t Know VoIP

Millions of people use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) every day. Skype is mentioned in conversation as casually as Twitter. So how come more people don’t understand what VoIP (and Skype) actually is? Broadly defined, VoIP is a number of transmission technologies that deliver voice communication over the internet or other IP networks. But, don’t expect the average VoIP user to tell you this. Let’s explore the three main reasons why people don’t understand VoIP. 1. There’s … [Read more...]

Five VoIP Acquisitions that Matter (or Will)

The VoIP world sees its fair share of startups and acquisitions. Major telecom companies are finding that it may be easier to purchase smaller VoIP startups than to try to compete with them. And now, the rapid growth of the VoIP industry is sparking interest from large companies. VoIP is no longer a new technology. Smaller startup companies are able to compete against larger telecommunication companies by offering special features and pricing to niche markets. Larger companies have taken note … [Read more...]