Mr. Jobs, Tear Down This wall

If Apple wanted to stand the world on its ear next Wednesday at the It's Only Rock and Roll But We Like It event in San Francisco, the company would announce it is opening iPhone software development to all comers and is dropping the facade of exclusive distribution through the iTunes App Store. Heresy, you say? Perhaps in the eyes of some, but read on to learn why those two moves would be best for the company, the platform, for developers and - most of all - consumers. The original … [Read more...]

Vonage iPhone App Gives Mobile VoIP a PR Boost

Vonage, the company that took VoIP mainstream, announced approval and began seeking beta testers for its iPhone mobile VoIP application Wednesday, in a move that may do wonders for the company's brand awareness, even if it promises little that can't already be done with Apple's popular smartphone. Remember Vonage? How that infectious boop boobee doop boop tone from all those television commercials stuck in your head a few years ago? Well, Vonage executives needed to rekindle those … [Read more...]

Junction Networks Takes the Guesswork Out of SIP Hardware Choice

Junction Networks announced publication Wednesday of a new testing and review site that could become a valuable lifeline for small and medium sized businesses wanting the most out of the hosted IP PBX offerings on the market today. In many cases, when a business decides to contract for hosted VoIP services, the service provider builds a fee for providing its own hardware into the quote for the service, leaving the business customer little choice for customizing price and features to best meet … [Read more...]

Sipgate Team Edition Offers Cloud Collaboration, Business Phone Services


Sipgate, the San Francisco-based VoIP service provider, recently announced a new, "cloud services" telephony product that could spell the end of traditional phone systems and phone lines for many small and medium sized businesses. Dubbed sipgate team, the new service is a multi-user edition of the company's revolutionary approach to IP communications that combines a hosted VoIP phone system with sophisticated collaboration features accessible through a user interface much like a webmail … [Read more...]