Despite Egypt Crackdown, Protests Grow and Communications Flow

Arbor Network's graph shows Internet traffic crash in Egypt since Jan. 27.

As millions prepared to gather in Egypt's streets Tuesday the country's ISPs and mobile communications carriers faced near-total shutdown status. Despite government efforts to restrict communications however, Al Jazeera,Twitter, Google and little-known Meedan -- a digital "town square" for sharing conversation and links about world events (where all posts, from headlines, to articles, to comments thereon are mirrored in English and Arabic) -- formed the world's last best conduits for … [Read more...]

Voxbone Gains iNum Traction, Reports Solid Growth for 2010

Voxbone, the Brussels-based company working since 2008 to develop iNum (an area code for IP Communications within the +883 global country code created by the International Telecommunication Union), reported solid year-on-year revenue growth Tuesday and indicated the telecommunications market continues to see increased demand for VoIP-centered innovations among global carriers and both mobile and fixed network operators. The company reported revenues 38 percent higher than in FY2009, while … [Read more...]

WiFi VoIP Gets Closer as FCC Seeks Public Comment on Net Neutrality Rules

The Federal Communications Commission published an initial draft of proposed new rules (pdf) on Thursday that would, if approved, effectively make net neutrality the law of the land and open the door to WiFi VoIP as never before. The Draft Rules to Preserve the Free and Open Internet seek to codify non-binding policy guidelines in place since 2005 and incorporate rules first elucidated last month by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (pdf) lists six terms that … [Read more...]

Asterisk Makes Enterprise Inroads With Big Blue

Digium and IBM announced a new partnership at Astricon Thursday that highlights both the Asterisk company's increasing attention from the enterprise telecommunications sector as well as Big Blue's growing appetite for SMB market share. The two companies announced the creation of an Asterisk-based phone system available now for the IBM Smart Cube platform. Smart Cube is a product of the company‚Äôs Smart Business initiative for small to medium-sized businesses, a pre-integrated solution … [Read more...]