Top 5 Little-Known Benefits of an Auto Attendant

An auto attendant system has all kinds of benefits for a small business: a professionally recorded greeting, multiple extensions, call routing that can send calls to your cell phone, and voicemail-to-email, to name a few. But did you know there are some hidden treasures to this kind of system that can help your company run even more efficiently? Today I’m spotlighting the top 5 little-known features that can give your business a boost. 1.       Group Messaging Let’s say you run a … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service with Hosted VoIP

You’ve undoubtedly been there: Needing to make a small change to an account that should only take a few minutes. You end up talking to 5 different support reps while you’re transferred from department to department and placed on hold each time. The longer you have to wait, the more frustrated you get, because you have other things to do, and it certainly doesn’t feel like the company values your time or your business. A recent study revealed that on average, seven out of 10 callers are … [Read more...]

Provider Spotlight: VoIP Superstore by CI Gear

CI Gear’s VoIP Superstore is the premier distributor of VoIP related technology, hardware, and gear. Located near the Canadian city of Toronto, Ontario, the VoIP Superstore ships the best equipment available all over the United States and Canada. But what exactly makes CI Gear’s store so super? Offering the largest variety of VoIP products and services around, the VoIP Superstore is a one-stop shop for all phone system needs. They offer a variety of hardware and software products including … [Read more...]

Provider Spotlight: VOIPITS

Founded in 2012, VOIPITS has already exploded onto the scene as one of the top business VoIP providers on the marketplace. Specialized towards businesses, VOIPITS uses Internet calling to offer intelligent phone systems and more. The VOIPITS headquarters is located in the city of Toronto, Ontario, where they offer excellent business VoIP services to the US and Canada. VOIPITS offers competitive IP business solutions for small to large businesses. The provider has also gained a recent following … [Read more...]