A Residential VoIP Provider is Essential for Households

Having a Residential VoIP phone service has many advantages. VoIP has made telecommunication easier, more flexible and affordable. Nonetheless, even with the relative ease of usage and affordability, some individuals are overly skeptical about acquiring a Voice over IP phone service for their Residence. Thanks to VoIP technology now, one does not have to be stressed about domestic telecommunications.

Save Money

Residential VoIP is packed with essential features and is also utterly cost effective. Misinformation is, however, to blame for erroneous skepticism among some individuals concerning the price of the system. Such people grossly overestimate the expense to be incurred in procuring a VoIP service in their Residence. Though the cost of VoIP by various providers varies, this service is cheaper than traditional landlines.

In traditional landline services, the cost is contingent on dynamics such as the number of users, call time, locations and many other things. Extra features in your landline will translate to additional expenses. With a VoIP service, one gets to utilize internet technology that is cheap, thereby, lowering the cost of communication. A number of extra features are included for which one does not have to pay. When the math is done, one may realize that the service costs way less than other things such as electricity bills, television cable, dinner and clothing, among other daily expenditures.VoIP is cost effective even when working on a tight budget.


While the features you get will depend on the service provider you choose for your Residence, it is clear that VoIPservices are economical and have several features over traditional phone. It is critical one understands the features and what they do. Factors one should consider when choosing a service provider are the included features.

1. Voicemail – With VoIP, voicemail has various distinct components that vary from one provider to another. One component is the voice-to-mail, which delivers an email notification to the user. The voicemail can then be retrieved from the system. Other providers may have features such as voicemail-to-text.
2. Call Forwarding – The service allows the user to forward calls to another phone or even to voicemail. Various forwarding options are available such as: always forward, forward if busy, forward if not reachable and selective forward for certain numbers only.
3. Hunt Group – This feature has different names depending on providers. It is also known as sequential ring. It allows the user to have a number of phone contacts with a preset ringing time till the next one rings. With this feature, inbound calls can be routed sequentially.
4. Black List – This function lets you block and stop a contact from calling. All calls from blacklisted numbers are automatically rejected. These calls may be sent to voicemail, or the caller gets a busy message or a message saying that the number is no longer in service.
5. Other Features – They include Simultaneous Ring, Three-Way Calling, Do Not Disturb, Caller ID, International Call Blocking, Anonymous Call Rejection, Music on Hold, Virtual Phone Numbers and Online Control Panel. There are other features that may be provided by Residential VoIP provider. They include:

International Calling

International calls on traditional phones are usually expensive and complicated to work through. Some phone companies offer international calling plans for subscribers, but even those are quite expensive. Residential VoIP does not require users to have a separate international calling plan. All that comes with international calls over VoIP phones is a few extra cents per minute. Some providers even have bonus features that give the user unlimited or inexpensive calls to certain international locations. Some subscriptions in this service allow up to an hour of free calls to international locations.


It is highly convenient to have VoIP services in your Residence. It is easy to make the transfer with the current number one is using. The service may also let the user choose his or her own area code. There is also working and highly effective directory assistance with most VoIP services

Residential VoIP services easily consolidate calling and networking. This saves the user money. Call forwarding, for instance, will let one remain linked even when not physically present in the Residence. Switching to VoIP from landline will turn any home into a fully integrated communication network with numerous calling features. It is also possible to hook multiple phones; this can be via Ethernet or wireless connection.


Installation of Residential VoIP is relatively easy. Only a few requirements have to be in place, including, a computer, high-speed internet, digital phones or adapters if you have analog phones. The efficiency of the service in your Residence is pegged on the how fast and strong your connectivity to the internet is. Slow internet connections or low bandwidth may limit the functionality of your service.

A computer is used in setting up of the Residential VoIP system. Through the computer, one can also make video calls if a webcam is present. The computer also allows the user to interact with the website of the service provider.

Digital phones are better rather than installing adapters for analog phones since the quality of sound in digital phones is high. Users with analog phones often complain of static and buzzing during calls. Nonetheless, the experience is satisfactory for both analog and digital phones.


Unlike traditional landlines, this service is unaffected by problems with telephone poles and lines. Even during the installation, the company does not have to put up a new pole and line; it is simply a matter of turning on the service and plugging in a phone. Since the service is supported by the internet, downed telephone lines will have zero impacts on your communications.

Power interruptions may, however, cut out your communications. This can be countered effectively by getting a battery or some form of power backup.

All factors considered, VoIP is a supreme choice that will get you connected in a convenient and affordable way. Making the switch to the system is easy and quite straightforward. There are also several options open when choosing the company to provide the service. The companies offer different rates and features, and one can choose the best provider based on personal preferences and lifestyle.