Adept Networks Enhances Business Communication

Communication is the basis and underlying principle of any business. Without effective communication, a business is virtually useless and obsolete in today’s world. As technology progresses, individual users and businesses alike are constantly searching for better ways to communicate and do so effectively. This is why more businesses are beginning to turn to VoIP and digital phone solutions for their communication needs.

Why VoIP?

VoIP is nothing more than a technology that allows businesses to make and receive phone calls over the internet. If a business has an active, high-speed internet connection, they can begin using VoIP within as little as a few hours.

VoIP works by converting digital voice signals to traditional analog signals for older phone systems. Likewise, when an incoming call comes in from a traditional phone system, the internet-based technology converts the analog signals to digital signals. This can dramatically lower the price of voice communication, and it can open the door to new services, features, and applications that the business didn’t already have.

Benefits of VoIP

As technology presses forward and costs continue to drop, it’s becoming more feasible for businesses of any size to adopt VoIP technology. In fact, most people personally know others who are already using the internet as their basis for communications. These are just a handful of the benefits that VoIP customers are enjoying.

• Lower costs. VoIP is already low cost in nature due to the simplicity of its operations. However, cost savings can also be found from not having to pay exorbitant charges for international calling. Calls are essentially routed through the internet, and that is enough to keep costs considerably down.
• Mobility. It’s easier than ever to stay near a phone line with VoIP. Quite simply, an employee can unplug their communication device, take it to another place with an internet connection, plug it back in, and it would still operate as if it had never left the original location. Additionally, VoIP software can be installed not only on desktop computers or help centers, but also smartphones, tablets, and other devices.
• Less complexity. Traditional phone systems require too much maintenance and management when they include many networks and devices. If a problem arises, a professional typically has to physically come to the location of the telephone system to troubleshoot and fix the problem. VoIP systems are incredibly easy to set up and maintain. If a problem should arise, it can likely be fixed by a technician at a remote location.
• Real time collaboration. Collaborating using old telephone technology is difficult due to the nature of the infrastructure. Internet-based phone service makes collaborating with screen sharing and video conferencing as easy as pressing a button.
• Customer satisfaction. VoIP can even prevent businesses from losing potential customers by offering a unique method for handling calls. Interactive voice responses and menu systems can be implemented to correctly direct calls, and calls can be automatically routed depending on what phone numbers they are generating from, the time of day, and more.
• Easier scalability. Try to imagine a business with a traditional phone system trying to scale up with new devices and employees. Seems like a nightmare, doesn’t it? This process would likely take hours or days depending on the growth, and it would probably entail a professional commuting to the company location to work on the systems for long periods of time. On the other hand, it’s incredibly easy to scale with internet-based phone systems. Adding new devices, users, extensions, or other features is a cinch, and most changes can be completed within a matter of minutes. If a business plans on growing at all, VoIP is the communication platform that they need.
Why Adept Networks?

Adept Networks is one of many VoIP service providers available to businesses that want change in their communication standards. What sets Adept Networks apart from other providers, however, is that it operates as a full service company, and it strives to work closely with each client to ensure excellent service and quality.

Adept Networks knows that one size surely does not fit all, and that’s why they don’t merely specialize in one product, either. With Adept Networks, clients have four different types of VoIP phone systems to choose from.

1. AllWorx Systems. AllWorx Systems is one of the most price-competitive communication solutions available. They pride themselves on offering fully featured VoIP phone systems that include features such as Follow-Me technology, remote user functionality, consolidated messaging, zoned paging, hands-free intercom messaging, and much more. As the “apex of business communication,” AllWorx Systems is a partner any business wants on its side.

2. ShoreTel Systems. ShoreTel Systems is a communications platform that offers businesses a wide range of models and products, the ease of plug and play, ergonomic designs made for comfort, and services enriched by plenty of features. Businesses from all around the world are gaining the advantage by choosing ShoreTel as their standard for business communication.

3. PhoneSuite Systems. Lastly, PhoneSuite Systems are yet another solid option for businesses that are ready for the next level. PhoneSuite Systems, a hospitality (hotel/motel) solution, have remained as one of the leading providers of communication products for more than 20 years, and their service reflects why. Among PhoneSuite’s most popular products are its PhoneSuite 64, PhoneSuite 112e, Voiceware, and its one-of-a-kind touch screen console.

In a world where communication over a long distance is becoming more important, businesses can’t afford to stay on board with old technology. When a business continues to use obsolete systems for whatever reason, they run the risk of sacrificing productivity, losing money, and wasting time on configurations and maintenance. Don’t get left behind with outdated technology. Save money, enjoy new features, increase productivity, and streamline the work environment by making the switch to VoIP.