VoIP Fax and its Importance to a Business

Businesses use fax machines everyday for many reasons. Traditional fax machines are now a thing of the past, and now there is a new and improved faxing service called VoIP. The new alternative to old faxing methods helps businesses avoid running into problems old machines cause. Those “regular” types of fax machines do not work consistently and end up causing frustration, time delays, and money. The internet now provides a service called VoIP: Businesses use fax machines through the internet with the VoIP technology. This is a system that integrates a fax server that allows you to receive faxes via a VoIP (voice over IP) network.

How VoIP Systems for Faxing Work

VoIP fax systems use the internet in a similar way that the old fax systems used a line and a fax number. There is not much difference in the way data is sent, except that VoIP is digital. The old fax system is based on a public switched telephone network (PSTN) and is an analog system. PSTN sends data in the form of electronic pulses; however, VoIP sends data in a binary format.

Binary winds up being much less expensive since the data can be sent between two distant locations without the need for it to stop anywhere in between. When it is sent through an old fax machine’s analog system, the data must stop at numerous points along the way with each of those stops adding additional costs to the fax. VoIP fax providers do not have to pay as much for overhead, thus making VoIP faxing for businesses dramatically lower in price.

Services Offered with VoIP Fax

Business owners who are interested in the lower cost of VoIP faxing should consider the following services offered with VoIP plans:
•Free trial offered so businesses will be completely satisfied with the service.
•Encrypted fax messages to ensure that the information is kept safe and secure at all times.
•The ability to receive fax alerts via email.
•Unlimited inbound faxes.
•Fax to email service adds convenience.
•SMS anywhere in the world.

Sending and Receiving with VoIP Fax

When using a VoIP system, there is no longer dealing with the simplicity in features, yet numerous problems of an old fax machine. Businesses have more options for sending and receiving their faxes: by using email and via mobile phones. They still have the option to use a fax machine if they want to, it is just not necessary and not preferred by most. Additionally, switching to a VoIP fax system allows staff to get rid of the old fax machine system will add more space in the office. Businesses are increasingly in agreement that the VoIP faxing system is easier and more convenient in many ways.

Staff employs that use VoIP systems enjoy the simplicity of scanning their paper documents that result in being stored on a computer (another benefit). Using a computer to store messages and documents that have been faxed give businesses to do so in the format and software they prefer to use. VoIP fax systems also offer the option of signing messages electronically.

Once a business implements the VoIP technology, there is no longer frustration of having to manually fax. Also, businesses that are wanting to evolve their communications (with another benefit of appearing more professional) can enjoy not having to worry about the extra cost of using an old fax machine or the time and unwanted efforts of installing special drivers for a traditional fax server.

The 6 Top Ways VoIP Faxing Systems Save Money for Businesses

Business owners end up switching to VoIP fax systems after comparing to the costs of their old fax machine systems. Many companies spend $80 to $300, or even more, per month. Using VoIP faxing services will lower your cost spent on faxing by a dramatic margin:

1. Online method – None of the extra costs associated with operating an old fax machine are added to the bill, since the entire process of VoIP faxing is done completely online. The result: the business no longer needs to pay for ink cartridges, printing paper and maintenance on the fax machine.

2. Lower monthly premium – The less expensive VoIP fax plans start out at around five dollars per month.

3. Package plan – These plans also will usually come with a certain number of faxes free as part of the package deal: usually around 500 per month are included with the plan. Additionally, users can always upgrade to another plan if they need to send more than that. Whatever works best for the business will be put in place and changed for you as you see fit.

4. Paper – Another major factor that businesses consider is the cost of paper. They often pay around $9 or more for 500 sheets, which means that they end up saving money with VoIP faxes simply by eliminating what they spent on paper alone.

5. Ink – Fax machine ink is another definite way a business can see a lot of savings. A single cartridge sells for around $20 or more, and many old fax machine models require three ink cartridges installed for them to work.

6. Eliminate repairs – Getting a broken fax machine repaired can start at around $40 and go up to $100 or more, which often ends up making it less expensive to replace the machine itself.

It is obvious that a business can reduce its expenses by switching to an easier, convenient, and more affordable VoIP fax provider. Businesses can start saving money immediately by upgrading their office equipment with a VoIP fax system.

Summary of Benefits for Businesses That Switch to VoIP Fax

•Do not waste time with staff having to leave their desks and walk to the fax machine room.
•No longer have to wait for the faxes to go through.
•No longer need to do printouts – all emails (both sent and received) are saved digitally on the computer system.
•Don’t need to install the drivers that many traditional fax servers require – the VoIP Gateway is used instead.
•No extra telephone line is needed for a fax machine. The business is able to do away with the extra equipment used for traditional faxing.
•No longer spend money on buying and maintaining a fax machine.

VoIP Fax is perfect for company owners who are looking for a faxing system that has many features and benefits yet charges a much lower cost to the business.