DirectNetworks has what Your Business Needs to Expand

Founded in 1999, DirectNetworks, Inc. has become one of the best providers of top-of-the-line IT solutions for small-to-medium businesses. As a managed service provider, they believe it is their responsibility to keep the IT of their clients up and running by providing outstanding IT service. The field engineers and remote help desk support provided by DirectNetworks can act as an IT department thanks to their system of assigning teams to support a customer. Their staff is always pushing themselves to provide the best service in the fastest timeframe possible. Companies will always be provided with the best services and solutions to help them meet all of their IT requirements. Let’s take a look at the various managed IT services that are provided by DirectNetworks:

IT Support

Outsourcing various tasks allows you to devote more time to growing your business. The xPulse solution employed by DirectNetworks makes them the ideal company to entrust with your IT support responsibilities. Thanks to xPulse, they will be able to maintain and monitor your network at all times, so you will not have to. Managed IT support from DirectNetworks will save a company time and money. The cost of staffing an entire IT department to deal with all of your daily network issues can be a major hit to your bottom line. By choosing xPulse IT support, your administration costs can be lowered, allowing you to devote those resources to other areas of need within your organization.

Help Desk

Put an end to all of the annoying IT tech support calls your company receives on a daily basis. You have better things to do with your time, so leave the work of dealing with your customers to DirectNetworks. You can be confident in the fact that the help desk will always be staffed by people who are both knowledgeable and dedicated. All of the people on the remote support team are subjected to a rigorous hiring process which includes background checks. This process helps to ensure customers will always be getting the highest level of service. The goal of DirectNetworks is to constantly improve the service customers receive and the efficiency with which they receive it. All customer contracts are assigned a team consisting of onsite support and remote help desk engineers as required. These people are specially trained to understand the business, infrastructure and network of the customer’s business.

VoIP and Network Security

With many companies using VoIP and cloud services, the importance of network security has become a paramount concern. Nobody understands this better than DirectNetworks. In recent years, the number of threats to the security of data has dramatically increased. Even the use of supposedly secure technologies such as VoIP and cloud services is now seen as a risk by many businesses. Threats to your data can get into a network via any device that is connected to it. For a business, nothing should be more important than the security of its network. All it takes is a single incident for a business to be devastated by a loss of sensitive data. In order to prevent this nightmare scenario from happening, DirectNetworks utilizes a layered approach when it comes to VoIP, cloud services, and network security. Anti-virus software does not have the ability to protect a network against malware. Therefore, a combination of web filtering, critical patch management, anti-malware, email security software, firewalls, and anti-virus software are used in an effort to defend VoIP, cloud services, and networks from a malicious attack. As if this wasn’t enough, customers of DirectNetworks will also receive reports in real-time, which will alert them to any activity that is deemed to be suspicious on any devices connected to the network.

Benefits of security protection:

– Key reporting: Reports from customer networks are continuously monitored to allow security measures to be updated in real time.

– Hassle-free management: Engineers from DirectNetworks will handle the 24-hour monitoring, daily maintenance, and installation of your network.

– Pricing: Yearly or fixed monthly pricing is available with support 24 hours a day.

– Employee productivity is improved: Because they know they are being monitored, employees will focus on their jobs.


The WebTop service from DirectNetworks allows users to access mail, calendars, applications and more via a customized work space that connects top a cloud-based solution. The WebTop feature is very cost effective as it goes by a pay-as-you-grow format to meet the needs of your current situation. The service allows users to be able to access important data, anywhere and on any internet capable device. The connection is secure and allows for users to bring their office nearly anywhere.

The service allows for a truly customizable personal work space. Users are not tied into the restraints of a desktop system and WebTop lets individuals be able to determine what they need and when they need it. DirectNetworks operates two secure locations on the East and West Coast that include disaster recovery and back-up plans just in case anything ever goes wrong with the server or you think you may have lost important data. The company takes their mobile security very seriously and have covered every area with a solution if a problem does occur. The WebTop feature works with small and larger businesses just the same. They allow for users to work independently and access the information that they need in a quick and organized fashion.

Offsite Data Backup

It does not matter is a business is large or small, losing critical data can be crippling to a company’s ability to function. Therefore, having data backup is of the utmost importance. Although it is hard to believe, roughly 40 percent of companies have no backup for their data. These companies are basically playing Russian roulette with their future. There is no reason a loss of data should happen to any company. DirectNetworks provides the offsite data backup service that every business needs to ensure their sensitive information is protected against cyber attacks and unforeseen disasters. Why risk everything you have worked so hard to build by not adequately protecting your data? The comprehensive recovery and backup services offered by DirectNetworks are available either remotely or onsite. The data of a business is sent to a secure data center on a daily basis. The data encryption methods used to protect your data are always the latest and most advanced. In order to recover their data, a company only needs to make a single phone call. A company’s data is its livelihood, so not protecting it is irresponsible.