California Internet Helps Build Business Communication

Internal and external business communication is extremely important when business owners are trying to increase their market share, improve their reputation in the industry, or expand their book-of-business. Entrepreneurs who are starting a new business endeavor or current business owners who are looking for a way to improve their business communications can improve their communications internally and with their external clients by turning to California Internet. California Internet, a leader in VoIP and telecommunications, offers high-quality services in a cost-effective manner that tailor to the growing needs of businesses in virtually any industry. Here are the many ways that California Internet builds business communication without requiring a huge budget.

Business Internet That Is Fast and Reliable

Not only does a legitimate business need computers, it also needs a reliable Internet connection. Businesses use the Internet to communicate with clients, prospective clients, contractors, and even other satellite offices. Virtually every step in the process of acquiring a client and then servicing that client requires an Internet connection. California Internet offers business Internet that means business. The company is a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) in California because it offers customized Internet solutions that do not compromise quality for low prices.

Not only does California Internet have the largest fiber optic coverage area between San Diego and Santa Barbara, it also has very low latency and high bandwidth. For business owners who are not familiar with the technical Internet terms, low latency translate into high speeds because latency refers to network delays. California Internet also compresses all data during uploads and downloads to boost performance by as much as 600%. Combine the fact that the network through California Internet has a very high peak bandwidth with speeds up to, Mbps, and anyone can understand why this ISP is one of the top-rated providers in the state.

Innovative Internet Solutions That Are Guaranteed to Keep Businesses Connected

While the traditional fiber optic and flexible fiber optic Internet solutions offer customers uptime 99.999 percent of the time, some business owners want guarantees that their connection will be up 100 percent of the time. Some owners can miss out on hundreds or thousands of dollars because of a short downtime, and these are the professionals who should consider the innovative FiberFusion solution.

FiberFusion uses multiple types of circuits so that your Internet connection stays up even if one of the circuits were to go down. Downtime is common, even for trusted leaders in the industry, but with the FiberFusion network that combines ClearFiber technology and copper Ethernet circuits together to deliver uptime all of the time, business owners and associates with the company never need to worry about losing a customer because of slow Internet or unreliable Internet connections.

An ISP that Offers Quality Customer Service So Businesses Can As Well

Fiber optic solutions and more innovative solutions like FiberFusion may not be available in all service areas, but the company still offers nationwide T1 coverage and Etnernet over Copper services. These business class Internet solutions offer superior coverage and high bandwidth speeds. As a trusted ISP, businesses can trust that they will receive the best customer service and support via the phone or via the official website where customers can open a trouble ticket. Quality services and quality customer service is important to company owners who want to offer the same to their clients, and this is why this ISP is a leading choice.

Businesses Can Appear Larger With VoIP Telecommunications Services

Analog telecommunications services are being phased off as digital services become much more reliable and accessible to businesses. One of the great things about VoIP technology is that a start-up or small company with a small budget does not have to appear small to its clients and its competition. VoIP technologies allow account holders to fully customize their telecommunications with unlimited business phone lines.

All of the offices and employees of a company can be assigned their own line to ensure customers are always able to get through to the correct person. This reduces the number of call transfers which reduces the number of calls and customers that are lost. Choosing a quality VoIP service that is available at cloud phone pricing and the functionality of a landline is the solution for owners who need anywhere between 2 and 2000 lines so that they can appear sizable.

The Option to Save Money While Improving Communications

Businesses who would like to use the IP PBX equipment that they already own do not have to worry about investing in expensive equipment just to improve their communications. California Internet offers an SIP Trunking service that allows customers to use their existing Cisco, Mitel or Avaya equipment on their network. SIP trunking also makes it possible to connect voice and data traffic at a central site so that there is not a need for dedicated voice connections at each location. Companies with several scattered locations can benefit from this advanced integration solution that also offers clients 100% VoIP uptime.

No Limits and a Handful of Advanced Telecommunications Features

Sales can take several contacts. For businesses in an industry where salesmen must build trust with their commercial or consumer clients, multiple contacts by phone is key. This is why businesses need unlimited talk time for clients on every line. All representatives of the company will have all of the time that they need to become a trusted figure to the client. California Internet phone solutions can directly replace services from Verizon and AT&T while offering businesses the unlimited talk time to anyone in Canada or the US.

In addition to unlimited talk time, this telecommunications provider offers advanced technical specifications and features without raising the price of the services. Voicemail, call conferencing, transferring, and voice to text are all features that companies can use to build their communications by staying in contact with their clients any time of the day and from any location. By offering businesses flexibility, California Internet has made it possible for professionals to stay connected from home and also while traveling on the road to meetings and conferences.

California Internet believes in providing not only the highest uptimes in the state at the guaranteed lowest price, it also believes in providing the best customer service and technical support. Businesses do not have to build a new budget to be able to afford custom telecommunications and Internet solutions. For businesses with goals to improve communication, this is the most practical and affordable solution.

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