Ring Authority Provides Business Solutions that Can Power Any Office

Ring Authority offers every business the ultimate in modern telephone technology and services. With headquarters in Sarasota, FL, this quality telecommunications company provides the latest developments, methods and conveniences to meet all contemporary office needs, including excellent mobile phone connection options. As this company’s experts explain, a study by the energy-management consultants at Ecos reveals that nationwide consumers spend upwards of two billion dollars annually on virtually unnecessary electrical cabling and other energy-related equipment. Another heavy energy-related expense for the public is the cost of power used for telephone service. Although adhering to the “Green IT” movement cuts back on power consumption, conserving on phone system power can also bring substantial savings, especially to today’s complex high-tech, fast-paced business world and arena.

Modern Telecommunications Systems and Services Offered by Ring Authority

The latest comprehensive communications options provided to businesses by Ring Authority include the following products and services:

• Hosted PBX – the latest in high-power VoIP telephone systems for modern business, without the need of cumbersome equipment;
• On-Site PBX – a dynamic VoIP phone system designed for modern business offices;
• Mobile PBX – one telephone located in your office or for use on the go;
• SIP Trunking – a service choice allowing you to eliminate the phone company from your business telephone services;
• Virtual Fax – a service option providing you and your business with the convenience of sending and receiving faxes by email.

The team of experts at Ring Authority will assist you in lowering your power consumption and costs. By using IP PBX equipment requiring low amounts of power in place of IP PBX tower/rack servers, you can enjoy sizable decreases in energy bills. You and your office staff can also decrease your phone system’s energy usage by using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone handsets that are specially designed to conserve energy. This energy efficient measure can save some systems more than 50 percent in power requirements. The majority of VoIP phones installed now support PoE. This means service can be employed with no need of expensive power cable installation or extra electrical outlets. With updated video conferencing capabilities, your company will benefit from additional cost savings. When you communicate with your client base and potential new customers via videoconferencing, teleconferencing and webinars, your company will enjoy more cost savings by eliminating the expense of frequent traveling.

Advantages of Hosted PBX Services for Today’s Busy Office Environments

The Hosted PBX plan is ideal for small to mid-sized companies with modest IT setups and spendable funds. With use of this telecommunications system, these businesses can benefit from a dynamic VoIP system while avoiding high costs associated with installation of in-house hardware. If your small business is expanding and currently requires flexibility, the Hosted PBX method will be very helpful. Your business can benefit from a phone service with flexible perks at a fixed monthly charge. You and your staff members can have use of high-tech phone technology with low initial cost. Major features of this system include call forwarding, dynamic caller ID and call park.

Benefits Gained from the On-Site PBX Plan for Modern Business

On-Site PBX from Ring Authority offers myriad features and can be easily customized to meet specific needs of each client company. A comprehensive VoIP phone system includes server, telephone software, capabilities to use each PC for telephoning and/or IP telephones. With the aid of a VoIP service provider, your business can make cost-efficient calls via your company’s network. If you prefer, you can opt to connect via your current phone lines, using your current computer system wiring and port for added convenience and efficiency. With addition of standardized SIP telephony hardware, more lines, or extensions, can be provided. The versatile On-Site PBX option offers easy, direct management solutions. Since its operating panel is Internet-based, this system is highly cost-effective with many more advanced telecommunications capabilities than older hardware-based PBX setups can provide. Primary features of this plan include attended call and blind call transfer, and call forward busy and no answer along with call routing (DID).

Convenient Features of Mobile PBX to Enhance Business Telecommunications

Today’s tech-savvy consumers are accustomed to making calls on their computers, iPads, iPhones or Android phones. Automated attendants for answering and routing calls are frequently used and fashionable. With use of Mobile PBX, important business calls will not go unanswered. All calls received, regardless of the time of day or night can be routed to appropriate voice mail or forwarded to the correct mobile phone according to caller ID. Both standard hardware telephones and Ring Authority’s softphones can be used simultaneously, employing identical credentials. In addition, calls can be made and received on the Windows VoIP phone both in and out of your office.

Business Benefits of SIP Trunking Technology

With use of SIP trunking technology, your company will no longer need cumbersome traditional telephone lines or hardware. The SIP trunk provides direct connectability between your business and your Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP). With SIP trunk usage, you gain updated features like instant messaging, user presence status (busy or away) and multimedia conferencing. This system is cost-effective, providing quality service at remarkable savings. Your company will regain the initial investment made for this service very quickly, with continuous savings to follow.

Efficiency and Convenience of Virtual Fax Plans

Virtual Fax service through Ring Authority offers a high success rate of 99.93 percent. This technology enables you and your company staff to send and receive faxes via email. Fax service advantages include the solid TDM network, lowest possible faxing costs and capabilities of sending faxes to multiple recipients. Convenient .pdf formatting of fax files is suitable for both computer and mobile device screens. Both U.S. and Toll-Free vFax DIDs can be instantly provisioned.

RingAuthority.com provides all long-term clients and new customers with excellent customer service. Assistance with all aspects of your advanced business telecommunications systems and plans is always a mouse click, an email message or a phone call away. When contacting support online, you will receive a return automated message with your support ticket number. The well-trained and highly efficient support team will respond to your request for assistance promptly, working directly with you to resolve all questions and issues. Telephone support is also provided daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at this toll-free number: 855-312-7888. Emergency support is available to all customers 24 hours per day, every day of the year. Contact the experts at Ring Authority today for the ultimate in advanced telecommunications solutions for your business. All their plans are available at amazingly reasonable prices and can be customized to meet all your business communications preferences and needs.