Five Reasons Your Startup Needs A Virtual Phone System

Traditional business phone systems have been an unavoidable expense for startup companies. Bootstrapped entrepreneurs could only run their business from their cell or home phone for so long before they needed a business phone system to stay connected and sound more professional. Even with the advent of VoIP phone systems, this was an expensive proposition. You have to purchase service, equipment, and additional internet bandwidth. And if you want a toll free number, it’s usually extra.

Not every new business needs a complex phone system, but startups can quickly get to the point where using cell phones alone just doesn’t cut it. That’s were virtual phone systems come in. With a virtual phone system, startups have a new, cheaper way to get a powerful phone service without the hassle of an advanced VoIP solution.

Here are five reasons why virtual phone systems are smart for startups:

They’re Low Cost

When you’re bootstrapping a startup company your budget is limited. With virtual phone systems, there’s no cost to get set up, no hardware to purchase and no software to buy. You can sign up instantly for a month-to-month plan for less than $10, and sound as if your business has a Fortune 500 company telephone system. As your call volume changes, you can upgrade or downgrade between your monthly plans to keep costs low.

They’re Loaded With Features

Virtual phone systems have all the power of a professional PBX solution. You can set up greetings, extensions, voicemail, and forward calls to your existing phones (i.e., cell phones, home phones, magic jack phones, Vonage phones, even your skype account). You can also virtually set up conference calls, send and receive e-faxes, or use call recording. There’s no equipment to maintain or software to update.

They’re Scalable

As your business grows so does your phone system. Virtual phone systems are cloud-based, so you can manage everything online and make instant changes 24/7. And as your call volume increases you can upgrade to larger plans to save money.

You’ll Sound More Professional

When your customers call your business you want to leave a good impression. With a toll free number and a virtual phone system, you can literally run your business using your cell or home phone to function like a Fortune 500 company. Virtual phone systems give you the flexibility of running your business from anywhere while still sounding professional.

You’ll Stay Connected

As an on-the-go entrepreneur you can’t always answer your phone. With a virtual phone system you can manage multiple calls anytime. Calls can forward to your office, home, cell, or even business partner’s phone at a different location. If you can’t take the call, your virtual phone system’s unavailable greeting will take your customer’s message and instantly email it to you or send you a text alert. You have total control over how calls are forwarded and handled.

There are a lot of expenses that go into starting your own business. Your business phone system doesn’t have to be one. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been running your own small business for years, check out UniTel Voice for affordable toll free number service and virtual phone systems priced and designed for small business startups.


  1. coltenk says:

    I just got a virtual phone system for my small carpentry business and wow, it’s pretty awesome! It makes my small team look really professional, not to mention the low cost too. I’ve been reading up about them quite a bit the last couple months and finally made a decision to go with this company called MightyCall. Seems to be working great so far. Thanks for the good read.

  2. Dom Boyd says:

    I think it’s about time my business started using a telephone system. I have wanted to look for a way to run my business professionally everywhere I go. I think that getting a phone system like this would really help. I’m glad you mentioned that you can use your cell phone and still function like a professional business. I’m excited to give this a try.

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