California Internet Helps Build Business Communication

Internal and external business communication is extremely important when business owners are trying to increase their market share, improve their reputation in the industry, or expand their book-of-business. Entrepreneurs who are starting a new business endeavor or current business owners who are looking for a way to improve their business communications can improve their communications internally and with their external clients by turning to California Internet. California Internet, a leader in … [Read more...]

The Cloud and VoIP – A Perfect Team


It is important for businesses to have a phone system that facilitates efficient communication both internally and externally. An increasing number of businesses are adopting Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems to achieve greater control over their communication systems, reduce costs and increase productivity. While some of them opt for an on-premise VoIP phone system, others decide to combine the benefits of VoIP and Cloud computing. VoIP and the Cloud are a perfect team, … [Read more...]

Ring Authority Provides Business Solutions that Can Power Any Office

Ring Authority offers every business the ultimate in modern telephone technology and services. With headquarters in Sarasota, FL, this quality telecommunications company provides the latest developments, methods and conveniences to meet all contemporary office needs, including excellent mobile phone connection options. As this company's experts explain, a study by the energy-management consultants at Ecos reveals that nationwide consumers spend upwards of two billion dollars annually on … [Read more...]

Five Reasons Your Startup Needs A Virtual Phone System


Traditional business phone systems have been an unavoidable expense for startup companies. Bootstrapped entrepreneurs could only run their business from their cell or home phone for so long before they needed a business phone system to stay connected and sound more professional. Even with the advent of VoIP phone systems, this was an expensive proposition. You have to purchase service, equipment, and additional internet bandwidth. And if you want a toll free number, it’s usually extra. Not … [Read more...]