Genesis BCS Has the Solutions to Fit the Needs of Your Business

Genesis Business Communication Solutions (Genesis BCS) is a first-choice company for businesses big and small that wish to keep up to date with the latest and best cutting-edge technological advances in the telecommunications industry. Their facilitation of VoIP communication systems, wireless web networks, and HD video conferencing brings its clients extreme convenience, flexibility, and high-powered capabilities which contribute to the efficiency and ease of all varieties of business communication. Genesis BCS is a Houston-based, Texas-wide, family owned and operated enterprise with a large and growing client list (over 3,500). For three decades, the hard-working staff of this has been expanding Genesis BCS’s depth of experience and range of involvement until today it has acquired a world-wide market. Only the very best products and systems are sought out and then serviced to its customers.

VoIP Communication For the 21st Century

Telephones of the past operated on a switchboard, but businesses wishing to take advantage of the benefits modern telephone systems should consider using web-connected VoIP communication telephones that add many extra features and make faster, more reliable, and easier-to-use features that already existed on older phones. Genesis BCS knows the need of long distance employer-to-employee and employee-to-customer communication capabilities for conducting business operations, reaching new customers, or holding virtual business meetings without physical presence. Their partnerships with three leading brands of VoIP communication devices helps them to match each client with a size and complexity of telephone system that best fits their needs.


For medium-size but growing companies, ShoreTel is often the best choice. Though feature-loaded and powerful, they pride themselves on the simplicity of their products. This VoIP communication company has elaborate distribution architecture that joins together equipment and personnel operating in far-flung areas into one comprehensive overall system. By providing software to integrate CRM, Microsoft Office and Outlook, and other applications into the ShoreTel network, a business can turn an otherwise ordinary phone conversation into a veritable multi-media experience. Unified Messaging allows multi-sourced messages to flow into one streamlined, centrally-managed control interface. Mobile users can perform duties from a distance that normally requires their being at their desk and cell phones can be manipulated internally via computer. Voicemail, holding, awareness of employee location, transformation of any call to a video call, and more are included in ShoreTel’s repertoire. The costs and hassle of operating such an advanced VoIP communication network on one’s own, however, are avoided by use of the web-based management services of ShoreTel Sky.

Genesis BCS’s Wireless Communication Systems

Not only telephone, but Wi-Fi internet companies have partnered with Genesis BCS to bring businesses the quickest, most reliable internet connections that exist in today’s market. Four companies that work with Genesis BCS in this regard are: Ruckus Wireless, Extreme Networks, SEN, and Cisco.

Ruckus Wireless

This company’s patented BeamFlex Wi-Fi antennas make sustained connectivity virtually non-stop year round. By shooting out thousands of signal patterns in every direction and automatically adjusting itself to environmental changes, a BeamFlex antenna delivers a strong, reliable signal with as much as a 300% larger range and 800% higher coverage. There are few occasions of signal interference or interruption and energy is utilized more efficiently. These antennas are especially crucial for remote, rural areas and for hospitals or other institutions that cannot tolerate signal failure.

Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks, after acquiring Enterasys Networking, has now move up to the position of 4th largest network company in the world. Their switches and routing have proven to be effective, simple to use, highly secure, and very flexible. Their software supports all levels of enterprises, including cloud data storage centers. Extreme Network’s IdentiFi Wi-Fi brings secure and reliable management, access points, and controllers to Local Area Networks.


Genesis BCS’s most recent partner is SEN. SEN’s Freedom Cloud makes it possible to transform any mobile device into a work station, all of one’s files, apps, and e-mails being brought to his or her fingertips at any location. SEN has a proven track record of success in the world of Wireless Networking.


Cisco’s Borderless Network Architecture gives a business’ employees the ability to use virtually any web-connected device from any location for any work-related purpose. Cisco also serves switching networks, data storage centers, and more with a host of innovative and flexible products and strategies.

Other Communication Services of Genesis BCS

HD Video Conferencing

LifeSize HD is a new technology that allows essentially life-sized virtual face-to-face interactions among persons in far apart locations. Travel expenses are cut by leaps and bounds and the value of face-to-face communication is still preserved by using this system. The HD quality of the picture, the round the clock support network, the ease of its use, the instruction for use provided by Genesis BCS, the automation and customization features of the software, and the compatibility with tablets, smart phones, laptops, etc. make LifeSize HD video conferencing a clear front runner in its industry.

Security and Surveillance Systems

Video Insight IP and ONSSI’s Ocularis system are powerful and economical surveillance systems that help make schools, retail stores, and other premises far more secure. Compatibility with software such as Windows and with a multitude of internet accessing devices adds to the value of the systems. Ease of use is always as much a priority to the manufacturers as is enhancement of capabilities.


Genesis BCS is a leading facilitator of multiple high-quality communication devices and systems. Their services include set-up, instruction in use and maintenance, and prompt and friendly customer support. VoIP communication, Wi-Fi networks, HD video conferencing tools, and full-fledged security systems are among their many expertise, and businesses of all sizes can benefit greatly from their excellent communication services.