Talking Platforms USA Puts the Customer in Control

There are many Service Providers, Resellers, Entrepreneurs or any organization looking to offer Voice over IP services to their customers. The challenges and issues are the following:

1. How do I create infrastructure, hardware and the software involved?
2. How do I maintain it?
3. If I use a 3rd party platform or service how do I keep my customer?
4. How do I keep my brand in front of my customer?
5. How do I handle billing and get paid?
6. How do I handle support?

The solution is Talking Platforms USA. They are a VoIP Hosted platform dedicated to organizations that want to provide VoIP services to their customers and keep their company branding from marketing to billing. Talking Platforms USA delivers a true white label platform for delivering VoIP Services such as Business PBX, SIP Trunking and Residential.

As a Talking Platforms customer you are in complete control of the service. Your customers will only see your branding, logo, domain and billing documents. You control the rates and services to each of your customers with a sophisticated feature and billing engine.

Why invest your working capital with expensive hardware, software, engineering and infrastructure when Talking Platforms has the affordable solution? All the advanced PBX features are available from Extensions to Auto Attendants and Hunt Groups. The advanced billing engine allows you to offer multiple rates to different customers including pooled minutes and time bands.

Unlike other white label Hosted PBX and ITSP platforms, Talking Platforms is built from the ground up without open source engineering. The network is carrier built and commercial grade. The system was tested intensively for 18 months before it was released and operating for over 8 years. The billing system was designed to accommodate not only the service provider renting the system, but their resellers and distributors underneath them. Finally, the system provides advanced security to end users requiring encryption and secure voice conversations.

Reliability, Redundancy and Availability

Talking Platforms infrastructure is designed with failover, redundancy and replication throughout the network. No single point of failure exists with redundant servers, routers and switches combined with real time replication to a secondary data center. It is designed to provide uninterrupted service in the event a server, database, router, switch or entire data center goes down. The Talking Platforms network consists of multiple data and IP provider links from two data centers. Each of these links is capable of carrying the entire network load in the event of single or multiple link failure.

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