Genesis BCS Has the Solutions to Fit the Needs of Your Business

Genesis Business Communication Solutions (Genesis BCS) is a first-choice company for businesses big and small that wish to keep up to date with the latest and best cutting-edge technological advances in the telecommunications industry. Their facilitation of VoIP communication systems, wireless web networks, and HD video conferencing brings its clients extreme convenience, flexibility, and high-powered capabilities which contribute to the efficiency and ease of all varieties of business … [Read more...]

Talking Platforms USA Puts the Customer in Control

There are many Service Providers, Resellers, Entrepreneurs or any organization looking to offer Voice over IP services to their customers. The challenges and issues are the following: 1. How do I create infrastructure, hardware and the software involved? 2. How do I maintain it? 3. If I use a 3rd party platform or service how do I keep my customer? 4. How do I keep my brand in front of my customer? 5. How do I handle billing and get paid? 6. How do I handle support? The solution is … [Read more...]