Faxing with a VoIP Fax Provider Makes the Process Simpler

Fax machines are no strangers to the world of business. Whether the company is large, small or anywhere in-between, the employees may use fax machines to send messages internally or to other companies. Gone are the days when traditional fax machines were enough to handle the workload. Not only is the technology not as up-to-date as other methods, but as they are slowly removed from society, fewer people will know how to fix them if they run into problems. Understanding the World of VoIP To … [Read more...]

The Rewards of Using a Residential VoIP Provider

Voice over Internet Protocol, simply known as VoIP, is a method of making and receiving phone calls that provides inexpensive, or even free, service. Communication may or may not use an actual telephone, thanks to the number of electronic devices that are available and support VoIP technology. Making the Switch To Residential VoIP Many people, including business owners, are making the switch to residential VoIP. This service provides consumers with a dedicated phone service line in their … [Read more...]