VoIP Phone Services with Nexus IT

VoIP phone services provide a streamlined way for you to set up a telephone system without investing in unnecessary hardware. Like so many types of technology these days, phone lines have stepped away from the bulky wires and hardware systems of the past to go mobile and online, where things move faster, provide more options, and cost less.
At Nexus, we know that making this transition isn’t always easy—but we also believe that this kind of flexibility is what you need to take your business to the next level. Because we become your communication partner rather than just a phone service provider, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Save Money

Although better communication and enhanced technology features are great selling points for any VoIP service, we know that your bottom line is the most important factor. That’s why we strive to provide the lowest-cost options available.

We’re able to do this by taking advantage of the broadband system you already have, and by combining several phone features into the VoIP service. You get:

• No new phone lines need to be installed (we just tap into your exiting internet)
• Lower monthly rates (broadband is significantly cheaper than traditional phone services, with most companies recognizing savings of between 50 and 75 percent)
• Additional phone numbers/fax lines/extensions (these are simple to add and change, as needed)
• Virtual fax options (to save on printing costs and fax equipment)

These features can be implemented at office buildings with hundreds of employees or within a home office of just one. Because most of the changes we make have to do with your service rather than your hardware, the size of your company isn’t a cause for concern.

In fact, our VoIP service is a great way to make your large business seem smaller or your small business seem larger. Because we can change the way people are able to communicate with you, there’s no limit to how you build your brand.

Work Smarter

While saving money might be your largest motivating factor, it’s impossible to ignore the additional benefits of VoIP services, especially if you use your phone systems for more than just making calls. Enhance communication with:

• Built-in conference and teleconference options (most of these are built in to your VoIP contract, so you’ll never pay more for hosting teleconferences)
• Telecommuting capabilities (eliminate all office-to-office charges no matter where your team is located in the world)
• Instant troubleshooting options (our IT team is yours to access whenever you need personalized support)
• Mobile options (we can set up the same VoIP functions on mobile devices so that your team is always available)

Perhaps most important is how easy it is for us to set all this up. If you’re starting a business or getting ready to switch over to VoIP services, there’s no need for you to invest in all the hardware. Our hosted VoIP services provide the same great level of features for one low monthly fee—and we provide everything you need to start communicating smarter, faster, and for much less money than you might imagine.