VoIP Phone Services with Nexus IT

VoIP phone services provide a streamlined way for you to set up a telephone system without investing in unnecessary hardware. Like so many types of technology these days, phone lines have stepped away from the bulky wires and hardware systems of the past to go mobile and online, where things move faster, provide more options, and cost less. At Nexus, we know that making this transition isn’t always easy—but we also believe that this kind of flexibility is what you need to take your business … [Read more...]

nology Puts Your Business in the Cloud

Modern companies are fully aware of the importance of investing in communications technology and giving their workers the right tools to increase productivity. In the digital age, an even greater number of work functions are being automated. This removes the burden of manual work from many employees and allows them to focus on other tasks that increase overall organizational output. Many companies have multi-million dollar information technology budgets while others have just a few thousand … [Read more...]

Business VoIP Solutions and How They Impact a Company

No matter the size of a business, the most important aspect of daily operations is growing relationships with other businesses or customers and communicating. Without the right communication system in place, those business partners might leave you and head to a competitor that is more easily accessible. All of that can be avoided if the business signs up for a business VoIP solution. These solutions are offered to help businesses thrive and succeed while building and maintaining relationships. … [Read more...]