How VoIP Fax Services Have Made Faxing Relevant Again

VoIP technology helps create innovative products and services on a daily basis. This versatile technology has made faxing a relevant communication option again. Although faxing is one of the oldest forms of business communication; this option still offers an important aspect. The largest issue with conventional faxing is the inconvenience it creates for users. Traditional faxing is filled with server connection problems, error messages, and extended wait times. There are several other issues associated with this form of communication that can completely stop the production. However, many VoIP fax providers offer services that get rid of the common issues associated with faxing. VoIP providers allow the faxing process to be a fast, easy, and effortless process.

It is important to remember that VoIP fax providers understand the issues and errors that are associated with conventional faxing systems. These providers have up-to-date technology that allows faxing to be completed electronically. Many of these providers offer services that inform users that an incoming fax that is ready for viewing. This feature can prevent constantly checking the fax machine and wasting quality production time.

The process to switch over to a VoIP fax provider is easy. The process is simple and straightforward; however, many businesses are unaware of where to start. Many providers offer inexpensive choices, innovative features, and detailed customer reviews. Faxing does not have to be a long, daunting task that businesses loathe integrating into the communication process. The introduction of VoIP fax providers has provided an opportunity for businesses to obtain all the necessary tools to make this communication option function smoothly and quickly.

VoIP Fax

In today’s current workplace, fax machines are an archaic form of technology. However, businesses still require a method of sending and receiving specific types of information. Simply put, businesses still have a use for fax machines. The issue is that the traditional fax machine experiences problems that lead to reduced production and increased frustration. The Internet has provided many businesses with a viable alternative. As a result of improved technology, it is possible for businesses to operate fax machines over the Internet. The business must use VoIP technology similar to phone-based equipment in order to send and receive faxes.

This technology and service eliminates the need for a traditional fax machine. The VoIP fax system offers several options for sending and receiving faxes. In most cases, this service includes using mobile devices, computers, and email. However, businesses will still have a choice to use a physical fax machine. The use of email and mobile devices for faxing can help create more room and office space.

Businesses that are considering a cost-effective VoIP faxing service should think about the following features that are provided by most VoIP plans:

• Free SMS around the world
• Fax-to-email options
• Fax alert options
• Free trial period
• Encrypted fax messages and security
• Unlimited inbound faxes

How Does VoIP Faxing Work

Cost-effective VoIP fax services use the Internet in a method similar to traditional systems. There is a fax number and phone line. Moreover, much of the technical process remains the same; however, the main difference is that the data is transferred digitally. Conventional telephone systems operate over a public switched telephone network known as a PSTN. It is important to note that these systems are analog. PSTN transfers data through electronic pulses, whereas VoIP transfers data in a binary format. The binary format is typically less expensive and cost-effective. This is primarily a result of the data being sent between two different locations without stopping in between. When data is transferred via analog systems, the data has to stop at several in-between points. More importantly, each time the data stops at an intermediate point, the cost of the fax increases. For that reason, VoIP faxing is considerably less expensive.

Send and Receive Faxes with VoIP Providers

In most cases, businesses can scan paper documents and download them onto a computer or mobile device. Using a computer allows businesses to store faxes and downloaded documents in a desired format. Moreover, VoIP allows businesses to fax documents using software they prefer to use. With VoIP faxes, the business can sign the document or message electronically.

How VoIP Faxing Save Time and Money

The VoIP faxing process occurs entirely over the Internet. This saves businesses money that would be associated with operating a physical fax machine. More importantly, businesses no longer need to pay for machine maintenance, paper, and ink. The cheaper the VoIP fax plan, the better. There are several providers that offer services for as little as $5 per month. These plans typically include a specific number of faxes for free. Most providers start with around 500 free and charge for additional faxes. Businesses can upgrade to a better plan if more faxing is required. It is important to compare the cost associated with a fax machine to the cost of a VoIP fax service. In some instances, businesses can pay anywhere from $50 to $400 a month.

A business should understand that physical faxing requires the use of paper. Some businesses pay more than $10 for 500 sheets of faxing paper. Over the course of a month, this can become a costly expense. Using a VoIP fax service can save money by eliminating the costs associated with purchasing paper. VoIP faxing saves time and increases production. The VoIP process is seamless and does not require maintenance or physical steps to send faxes.

Fax machine ink is an expensive operating item. Saving money on buying ink can be helpful to business overhead. One ink cartridge can cost more than $30 and many fax machines require at least three ink cartridges. Over time, this can become costly for a business.

It is important to remember that fixing a broken fax machine can cost more than $100. In some cases, it is less expensive to replace the machine all together than to have it repaired.

There are many ways a business can lower expenses and save money by using a cost-effective VoIP fax provider. Businesses should save time and money by upgrading their office equipment with a VoIP fax system.


VoIP faxing, similar to telephone-based devices, can operate entirely over the Internet. Traditional fax machines are not required and this service is relatively inexpensive. Faxes are sent and received via email, computer, mobile devices, or a VoIP faxing program. This process is useful for saving money and time. VoIP technology has made faxing a relevant communication option.


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