Spotlight On 4PSA’s VoipNow

VoipNow is an award-winning cloud Unified Communications software platform that 4PSA has created specifically for service providers. VoipNow allows service providers to offer SMBs enterprise-grade PBX services, contact center tools, and unified communications as quickly and efficiently as possible. Launched in 2006, VoipNow was one of the very first platforms built for the cloud, anticipating the size and importance that advanced cloud technology would have.

VoipNow is available for service providers via software download or consumed as SaaS:

  • VoipNow SPE – fully featured, carrier-grade, multi-tenant edition for service providers and businesses, that can be installed on their chosen infrastructure.

  • VoipNow Cloud OnDemand – 4PSA UC-as-a-Service offering that blends the same high-performance software, with hosting in 4PSA cloud locations around the world and professional services. Setup time is less than an hour.

With over 10,000 service providers serving more than 200k businesses worldwide, VoipNow is highly valued by service providers internationally. VoipNow has an extremely fast go-to-market solution for service providers due to its rapid set-up and deployment, integrated charging and billing engine and affordable pricing plan.


Advanced Enterprise Telephony – Using the advanced call routing and fallback, ENUM routing, number portability, and SIP Trunking, service providers can deliver highly scalable feature-rich telephony services like CallNow, find me/ follow me, interactive voice response (IVR), call queues, conferences, voicemail,  record conversations, call screening, call forwarding and fax. The built-in SIP server provides high-performance SIP router and proxy, register, and presence functionality.

Unified Communications – Beside advanced telephony functions, VoipNow SPE delivers Unified Communications services like instant messaging (IM), presence, video, voicemail-to-email, email-to-fax and fax-to-email, while the robust REST-based API allows integration with third party business applications such as CRM software.

Contact Center – VoipNow also offers a comprehensive suite of features for contact centers. Features such as Inbound Routing Rules allow for calls to be routed to the most appropriate customer service representative while Least Cost Routing allows for cost efficiencies for telemarketing. Add to that the Local Agents function – where agents do not have to be in the office to take calls because they have virtualized extensions and the Supervisor function, plus advanced reporting systems – and you have a fully functional contact center.


Fast and easy setup and deployment – VoipNow platform can be set-up and deployed quickly and seamlessly, regardless if the service provider installs VoipNow on its infrastructure of choice or goes with the Cloud OnDemand option. The system also features 4 levels of tenancy that dramatically simplifies role management, each level having access to the proper configuration and being able to share a set of resources based on permissions and limits. Due to these four levels of management and individual permissions and limits, the reseller can provide services further, without any investment in hardware or software.

Fully-featured billing engine – The real-time built-in charging engine supports Least Cost Routing, customized prepaid or postpaid charging plans, time intervals and free minutes packages for each account level. The engine is perfectly integrated, thus no time is wasted searching for 3rd party solutions and time-consuming integrations.

Easy automation of business processes – VoipNow SPE takes care of business processes, from the very moment the customer orders the service, through the automatic account deployment and provisioning process, and up to monthly recurring billing and payment management.

Super scalable architecture that matches your business growth – VoipNow SPE implements a distributed architecture where system functionality and load are distributed across multiple computing nodes using public or private computing infrastructures. Services roles and database distribution across computing nodes increases redundancy and provides a smooth scaling path to carrier grade infrastructure using inexpensive hardware.

Competitive pricing – on a pay-as-you-grow licensing method – Whether you are just starting your VoIP business or you already own one, VoipNow is licensed on a pay-as-you-grow method. You only pay for what you use. What’s more, you have no upfront investment.

How it Runs

4PSA uses the Open Source Asterisk PBX software to deliver telephony services and Kamaillio server to deliver SIP router, proxy, location, and presence features. Asterisk is customized to accomplish the quality of services required in a hosted environment. 4PSA patches on the Open Source Kamailio to improve performance, increase stability, and add distribution support. The database backend is provided by MySQL, the most popular Open Source relational database engine. The latest MySQL features – procedures, functions, triggers, view – are used to complete a fully relational database schema. The control interface is programmed in PHP 5.3, which runs on an Nginx server, delivering a DHTML, AJAX enabled user interface.