FluentStream is a Smarter Business Phone Solution

FluentStream unified communications business phone systems and phone solutions have started an enterprise branch network revolution. Phone networking in FluentStream take business communications to the next level.

With more business phone solutions than any other cloud-based phone services company on the market, FluentStream is a veritable cornucopia of infrastructure application as service (IaaS) and software application as service (SaaS). Flexibility in price, protocol, and phone solution management systems, FluentStream is a software-centric B2B cloud-delivered service, with some of the most compelling ideas in communications.

FluentStream Infrastructure and Installation

When A B2B customer signs up for FluentStream they have access to an incredible range of IaaS and SaaS supports. Clients can customize phone delivery and application features to meet current and growth stages in business transformation. Sustainable businesses require on-demand services.

FluentStream clients begin by providing a representative with details about their phone system. Some companies already have deskphones, softphones or smartphones in use. FluentStream does not require analog lines, on premise infrastructure/PBX, or other circuit network configuration. Web-based cloud platforms host B2B clients better than any other unified communications solution. FluentStream customers and their entire value chain of integrated employees, consultants and registered partners can access virtualized phone solutions from anywhere in the world, anytime.

Phone Solution Hosting in FluentCloud

The FluentStream online portal offers users an intelligent technological interface with dashboard account features for creation of direct phone numbers, extensions, call routing, and a number of other incredible FluentCloud hosted features. The great thing about FluentCloud resources is that unified communications are entirely managed by web-based applications, so that companies can focus on the business at hand.

FluentCloud is supported by tier 4 data centers. This includes IaaS supplied to B2B clients. Data backup, infrared hand-print scanner security, multiple ISP connects, enterprise systems firewall interface, and unified communications operating systems in IaaS make network technician administration and monitoring of a company’s phone system a matter of customer support interface.

Always reliable, and impeccably secure, FluentCloud is a closed source platform with a recovery time to operations rate of 99.99% backed by FluentStream’s uptime guarantee. If a company’s onsite enterprise communications hardware or equipment experiences failure, FluentCloud assurance of automatic storage and protection of proprietary data reduces risk that losses will result. The company’s geographically dispersed infrastructure converts fail-over to another site, so B2B client business API operations, mobility, and reporting is not impacted.

FluentStream Product and Service Features

B2B communications solution packages include an extensive list of value added features for free. Suitable for big or small businesses, FluentCloud applications host the following options:

Auto Attendant
Prerecorded company greeting to route callers.

Call Detail Records
Retention of call details in reporting of each phone call conducted on a phone system. Record is filtered by call time, date, disposition, extension. Call detail records can be exported to Excel.

Call Groups
Designated phone groups for management of specific operations.

Caller ID
Identification of caller names and numbers.

Call Parking
Switching an on hold call to any other phone in the system.

Call Queues
Unlimited call waiting.

Call Recording
Record of inbound and outbound calls for an entire network.

Call Transfer
Transfer of a call can be done directly without speaking, or as part of an acknowledged action.

ClickToCall Toolbar
Activate saved numbers in the web browser with a ‘click’.

Conference Bridge
Bridge communications infrastructure, established with multiple, dedicated phone numbers for up to 100 users.

CRM Integration
Customer relations management web-based SaaS supports customer ticketing Systems and integration with workflow communications in ClickToCall and incoming screen-pop ups.

Customize Recordings
Auto attendants and queue announcement recordings.

Day/Night Mode
Routing options can be set up for business hours and after hours.

Direct Inward Dial extensions for direct connect to internal numbers.

Electronic Fax
Fax function transmission via email upload of electronic documents.

Extension Dialing
Secondary phone numbers leading from a main switchboard.

Find Me/Follow Me
The automatic forward of calls to mobile numbers in the network when an extension is not answered.

FluentCloud Voice Studio
Professional voice talent services to record custom greetings.

FluentCloud Live
Real-time activity report of active calls and extensions. The menu is a drag-and-Drop call handling and monitoring feature.

Geographic Routing
Predetermined call routing of calls according to geographic location.

Hot Desking
Designated user credentials and login allow users to log into any extension with a password; booting user account settings.

Live Talk Button
Web hosted enterprise systems Live Talk Button add-ins enable callers to generate communications from a business to recipient phone number entered.

Message Blaster
Prerecorded voice recordings, email or SMS txt message service to designated recipients or groups.t of recipients.

My FluentCloud Portal
The cloud-based FluentStream portal is intuitive and user-friendly for data management and administration of updates. My FluentCloud Portal offers users call routing, extensions, direct numbers, and other key enterprise communications features. Users can make unique changes to their specific account extension via the portal.

Phone Numbers
Depending on account type, new direct phone numbers can be allocated across an entire cloud share environment.

Report Builder
Users can create reports for reporting of total calls, total talk time according to specified time and date. Extension report grouping of business unit calls can be generated as well.

Text messaging features for send and receive of SMS txt messages via a SMS enabled business number.

Time Conditions
Scheduled call routing control ensures automatic transfer based on specified dates and times.

Installation of a phone system with a single click hosts a WebPhone in the platform browser.

Individual voicemail ensures that callers receive a message about the party they are calling, as well as a box for leaving a message when a call is not answered.

All plans include the user portal and access all features for free. The Company’s Service Level Agreement guarantees (99.99%) uptime.

FluentStream Plans

1 User Plan – $34.99 per month
2-19 Users Plan – $29.99 month per user
20-49 Users Plan – $24.99 month per user
50+ Users Plan – $19.99 month per user

Plans are unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada; inbound toll free 3¢/minute; and International rates per minute.

FluentStream is a smarter business unified communications solution for big or small companies.

For more information about FluentCloud products and services, visit us: https://www.fluentstream.com