Provider Spotlight: Voxeet

Voxeet is an app that is continuously standing out in the relatively crowded world of audio conferencing. The reason this provider has come under our spotlight this month is quick, simple and unique. Voxeet provides free conferencing solutions that make virtual conversations much more tangible and create a real life conference atmosphere.

The Promise

Voxeet was designed specifically for mobile users, with the goal of redefining conference calling with incomparably clear 3DHD audio, an intuitive interface and one-click transfers between devices. They promise a straightforward setup and unparalleled sound quality that make it easy to connect through conferencing on any device, anywhere.

The Technology

Voxeet started with proprietary technology (built on top of a WebRTC engine) that mimics the way the human brain processes sounds. As a result, every conference participant gets an individual audio stream that brings his or her voice to the conversation from a distinct place. They call this 3D immersive sound.

Next, they incorporated an additional proprietary high-def (HD) quality algorithm, so that any voice transmitted through Voxeet arrives with unrivaled clarity.

Along with clarity, Voxeet provides realistic speaking moderation. Voxeet calls this function “Talk Over,” mimicking the experience of a physical meeting where participants in the call can speak at the same time and still being able to hear both. On the flipside, anyone in the conference can mute a participant to get rid of excessive background noise like barking dogs or car traffic. In order to keep track of who is speaking, there is a speaker volume level indicator to the right of the speaker’s avatar that becomes active and identifies who is speaking.

To address users needs, Voxeet made sure to find a way to keep everyone involved in a conference call even if they don’t have Voxeet yet. Participants without access to the Voxeet client can dial into calls with local dial-in numbers, requiring only a PIN from the meeting invitation.

The Experience

Coupling their 3DHD technology with an elegant on-screen virtual conference room and unique avatars for each speaker, and conference attendees can hear every word and always know who’s talking. You can also arrange individual speakers on your smartphone, tablet or laptop screen any way you like, so your virtual conference resembles a real-life one. If you put person X near the outside of the room and person Y in the middle, for example, person Y will sound closer to you. Simply put, Voxeet replicates the audio experience you would have in a room. They take advantage of superwideband codecs, such as Opus, to guarantee that crisp and clear voice that would come through in a physical office. Thanks to Voxeet’s advanced technology, it is possible to hear people speaking at the same time because the sound of their voices are not at the same volume and not coming from the same direction; something that has never before been possible in a regular conference call.

At Voxeet, they call the result “natural conferencing.” Simply put, it’s the way that conference calls were meant to work. And when conference calls work, they lead to better collaboration, clearer communication and greater efficiency.

The Connectivity

Along with their exemplary services, Voxeet is extremely accessible and is easy to switch from one device to the other. Voxeet is free to download and available on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. So whether you prefer using a tablet, smartphone, or laptop, Voxeet employs WebRTC to make call accessibility as easy as clicking on a contact or swiping to accept a call; all without the need for a third party plugin.