Mobex is the Complete Business Solution

For small businesses and ones that are in the midst of growing, it is important for them to not miss on their telecommunication needs. Mobex gives small businesses the tools they need to operate as a large business. Their products and services are highly customizable to serve the needs for each of their clients.

Mobex understands the need for flexibility in the business world. For this reason, the offer no contracts or cancellation fees incase a client changes their mind about using the service. Also, there are no installation or activation fees when signing up. Mobex is truly dedicated to saving businesses money and they start that process right from the start.

Along with all of the savings, the service comes with a ton of additional features. Call forwarding, call screening, custom greetings, auto attendants, conference calling and more are all included. All of these features allow for businesses to remain organized and be able to keep up with their competition. The easier it is for another business to communicate with yours, the quicker that relationship can grow.

Mobex has tons of great features, but they also have some great services at low rates. Their hosted PBX system starts out at just $25 per month, per user. This means that Mobex will host the network and maintain it so that the company using the service can focus more on the business side of things. They also offer a virtual PBX system for just $15 a month for one user and an additional $5 for every other user. Both services include features that companies can pick and choose from to fit the needs of their operations.

Calling Features

They have innovative technology that allows for additional extra enhancements. Their Find Me/Follow Me tool can have calls ring to a different device if a user is away from their desk. This allows for no call or opportunity to ever be missed. Their Auto Attendant is a virtual receptionist that can route calls to the appropriate people and allow for even a small business to appear like a large one. Mobex even offers call routing based on the time of day. If a call happens to come in after hours, the auto attendant can take the call and direct it to the right place or provide the caller with information.

For clients that are interested in keeping their existing phone system in place, Mobex offers SIP trunking for $30 per trunk, per month. With this option, clients receive unlimited domestic incoming and outgoing calls, the option to keep an existing phone number, low international rates and more.

Customer Service

The company has a very strong customer service staff. They are quick to respond to inquiries and very helpful in the sign up and activation stage. The team is easily accessible via the web, email or phone and gives their customers a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind that they are in capable and trustworthy hands. They even have dedicated individuals to handle each account to avoid the chaos of talking to a different representative each time a question is needed to be asked.

Why Mobex?

For people that are interested in upgrading their business solution for their company, Mobex should be one of the first places they start. They can make a small business act like and function like one of the larger ones and for low monthly rates. Their call features are innovative and provide extra professional abilities to an already stellar system. Mobex’s service, products and staff help them stand out as one of the better providers on the market.


  1. inlinecom says:

    Nice post on your blog and i think this is same as VOIP phone system because this is provide same calling features to my small and large business but in your plan this is not a cost effective u provide $25 per month but charging fees $20 per month and also u can connect your phone system to NEC SV8100.