Facebook Messenger Adds Free VoIP Calling to iOS

Facebook, the social media giant, has been finding new and improved ways to connect people since its inception. They are always on the forefront of technology and rarely leave a stone unturned. Last week, Facebook announced that it had added free VoIP calling to its Facebook Messenger app for iOS products. Early last year the VoIP calling feature was available for Android users, but now those with an iPhone can join in.

The feature is ideal for users that are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Now, message threads in the app will include a telephone icon. Users just push the icon and they can make the calls for free. Users that are making the call via 3G or 4G networks and not Wi-Fi should be informed that standard rates and data charges will apply. However, now making a call to a friend or family member is extremely easy with Facebook Messenger.

For those who are unfamiliar with Facebook Messenger, this is an app that is available for purchase in the Apps store on the iPhone. Simply download the app and users can access chat windows with their friends. Updates to the Android 4.0 version were also made and now calls can be made to those that are located elsewhere other than theUnited States. Some of the changes made were an easy way to make short cuts, group messaging and forwarding features.


A major benefit is for users who make a high volume of calls to those who live internationally. This way, at least over a Wi-Fi connection, those pricey calls can be made for free. Originally, the service was only available to those in theUnited States,United KingdomandCanada. However, now calls can be made to nearly any country. Facebook has been concentrating a ton lately on mobile communication and making it easy for international friends and family to keep in touch over a free VoIP call connection is a huge win for the social media conglomerate.

Facebook recently purchased WhatsApp for the large sum of 19 billion dollars and the app is also supposed to be rolling out VoIP calling support in the near future. VoIP calling for businesses and residences can save a ton of money on monthly bills, but the rise of mobile VoIP technology will allow users to remain connected in just about every way imaginable.  Landline communication services will soon be obsolete with the growing popularity of VoIP. Now, with Facebook and their 500 million users being able to make free calls to those who are most important to them, landline services just do not have the product enhancements to keep users interested.

Another main benefit to downloading the Facebook Messenger App with VoIP calling capabilities is that users can talk for as long as they would like too. Again, granted the users are connected to a Wi-Fi connection, they do not have to worry about going over their minutes or data allotment for the month because the apps features are free of charge.

Future of VoIP

With all of the new updates to improved technology, VoIP services are becoming the way that people communicate. Whether in the business world, at home, or on-the-go, VoIP calling is becoming the easier and cheaper way to make calls. Facebook will continue to add to their mobile messaging arsenal and this is a large step for the company to be able to integrate such technology on the iOS and Android platforms. It’s impossible to say what will come next in terms of Facebook or in VoIP technology but both are proving to be the most effective way of keeping in touch.