Five Reasons VoIP Services Are Here to Stay

VoIP services allow for companies, residences and mobile users to make calls over the internet. Each day these services grow in popularity and push out older means of telecommunications. Landline services have become a thing of the past. Those providers cannot match the overall ease of VoIP. VoIP allows for businesses to easily communicate with their clients in a quick and organized manner. The focus of many business VoIP providers is to let businesses be able maintain and grow relationships in … [Read more...]

Provider Spotlight: Voxeet

Voxeet is an app that is continuously standing out in the relatively crowded world of audio conferencing. The reason this provider has come under our spotlight this month is quick, simple and unique. Voxeet provides free conferencing solutions that make virtual conversations much more tangible and create a real life conference atmosphere. The Promise Voxeet was designed specifically for mobile users, with the goal of redefining conference calling with incomparably clear 3DHD audio, an … [Read more...]

Mobex is the Complete Business Solution

For small businesses and ones that are in the midst of growing, it is important for them to not miss on their telecommunication needs. Mobex gives small businesses the tools they need to operate as a large business. Their products and services are highly customizable to serve the needs for each of their clients. Mobex understands the need for flexibility in the business world. For this reason, the offer no contracts or cancellation fees incase a client changes their mind about using the … [Read more...]

Facebook Messenger Adds Free VoIP Calling to iOS

Facebook, the social media giant, has been finding new and improved ways to connect people since its inception. They are always on the forefront of technology and rarely leave a stone unturned. Last week, Facebook announced that it had added free VoIP calling to its Facebook Messenger app for iOS products. Early last year the VoIP calling feature was available for Android users, but now those with an iPhone can join in. The feature is ideal for users that are connected to a Wi-Fi network. … [Read more...]