Provider Spotlight: VoIPstudio

VoIPstudio is the latest company to fall under our spotlight. We consider that the VoIPstudio Cloud hosted PBX offering to be of exceptional quality. They offer clients an excellent return on a very low outlay. It is clear they can offer all manner of businesses essential assistance in setting up, running and maintaining an extremely effective VoIP network. They can deliver the very best professional services for business users. They are focused on the production of highly professional services which are still simple, easily understood and yet still offer users industrial-grade reliability.

Free Calls, Anywhere, Any Time

VoIPstudio offers Business VoIP telephone systems via the internet, with this set-up you can talk for free between extensions and to particular destinations in their unlimited plans. This can be highly cost effective, especially by allowing your staff to talk to each other whenever needed, without cost. Other phone calls can be made for a tiny fraction of the cost of a conventional traditional telecommunication operator’s call

Save Time

Implementation of VoIPstudio Hosted PBX can produce substantial staff time savings from the moment it is launched. Cloud computing integrated into telephony allows for simple and straightforward creation of a highly flexible and effective telephone network. This systems flexibility means that regular desk top telephones numbers can be ported directly into the VoIPstudio system.

All of this and more is carried out by their highly trained and motivated staff. This means that your company does not have to set aside any IT staff time to deal with deployment or regular maintenance of the system. VoIPstudio deals with all aspects of your cloud -based hosted PBX system. They constantly monitor the system and deal with any issues that may arise, often without the client even noticing there has been an issue.

Save Cash

By making VoIPstudio your connection to cloud hosted PBX you no longer need IT staff to be responsible for any of your telephonic needs. By making use of their system as your third party telephone provider you will know exactly how much you need to pay for telephone related services each month with no hidden surprises. No maintenance fees, no calling your staff and on Sunday afternoon to solve a problem before the business week begins. You will know how much you are paying and will not need to set aside funds for unexpected or emergency repairs.
Perhaps the most important differences between VoIPstudio and other similar cloud PBX companies boil down to. A very simple pricing policy, which includes all their features in one price. They do not require a long term contract; instead you can opt for a monthly rolling arrangement. On top of this they offer a full 30 days free trial making it easy to assess your needs. They offer multiple data-centers with fully redundant infrastructure

They have the Technology

Their main goal is to provide total security and reliability that is second to none. The system is backed by many years of experience and architecture which is well proven. The highly versatile cloud hosted PBX system means that even if your telephones and linked devices should fail. We can have you back up and running within moments due to their cloud capabilities. This not only saves the inconvenience but also ensures a constant unbroken connection between staff-to-staff and staff-to-customer communications.

VoIPstudio has the knowledge and equipment to revolutionize the way you communicate in-house and with the rest of the business world. By passing responsibility for your communications to a reliable third-party provider you relieve yourself of the cost and manpower as well as inconvenience of running your own VoIP communications setup.