Voxilla Provider Spotlight: Aptus.com

The telecom experts at Aptus have answered the prayers of Asterisk users everywhere by developing a game-changing phonebook solution for Asterisk. Aptus has responded to the needs of Asterisk users with their ingenious FonB software, which simplifies and unifies the management of business contacts, CRM, mobile devices, office lines, and more, with one easy-to-use application.

What is FonB?

Simply put, FonB is one of the most comprehensive VoIP phone softwares on the market today. It takes, and improves upon the Asterisk phonebook, while syncing it with a businesses CRM, active calls, call history, mobile devices, and more. It can make and manage calls as a softphone, for smartphones, Androids, or any Internet-enabled devices. FonB offers across-the-board integration of a business’s necessities for maximum mobility and cost-efficiency.

Advanced Features

The highly integrated functionality that FonB provides can be broken down into several categories of features:

Phonebook Contacts Synchronization

The name FonB may have given this feature away, but this is not like any phonebook anyone has ever seen before. Users will be able to handle their phonebook contacts like never before with the FonB solution. Users can merge their Phonebook with their Google Contacts, ‘My Contacts’, Highrise CRM Contacts, and internal extensions.
Aptus Shortcut Access to Highrise

Active Calls & Call Switching

One of the unique features of FonB is their Active Calls Panel. It’s stable enough to show an ongoing call involving corresponding extension. Not only this, it won’t be crashed or disconnected even if the browser crashes or is refreshed/restarted. Call switching is another great feature that enhances user mobility. Users can seamlessly switch their call between Mobile Phone, IP Phone and Webphone without the other party noticing.

Separate Business From Personal

A unique feature that FonB offers is the FonB tracking system which allows users to keep their personal calls private. Although an office administrator will be able to see the calls that have been made, no private contact information will be exposed which makes it extremely useful for companies with a mobile workforce that doesn’t wish to issue dedicated, mobile work-phones.

To further ensure privacy, FonB enables users to revoke their Gmail contacts access at anytime, from anywhere. FonB drops even the cached version of private Google Contacts once the access has been revoked.

“Highrise means work” is a creative catchy phrase FonB uses to explain how management can calculate the extent of business calls against private calls done by their teams. Any entry in Call History is work related if it has Highrise CRM logo and is private otherwise.

Highrise CRM Integration

Aptus simplifies the integration between CRM and VoIP by combining both Highrise and Asterisk in a single solution. It’s very convenient for users to view any Highrise CRM contact profile, make a Call, upload it, and even create and synchronize a note without opening the Highrise web interface in a separate window. FonB provides everything within its web portal.

Call Management and Control

FonB gives users and management full control over their Asterisk system. With a feature like quick dial, users can perform ‘search as you type’ and then dial numbers from their web phone, IP phone, or mobile phone in just one click. FonB makes monitoring call history a breeze for managers. Their all-in-one application allows phone system management where managers can check their team’s call histories, listen to recorded calls, and understand as much information as they need from one easy source

Rewrite Rules

It’s a tough task to match the entire contact list entries with Asterisk Dialplan. FonB simplifies this mess by providing users with an option to create Number Rewrite rules. You can replace ‘+’ sign for international dialing format with ‘00’ by defining a single rule. Similarly, you can create different rules to dial different trunks based on your needs.

Other phonebook contact features include easy ways to import new contacts and inbound-number lookup. Adding and removing contacts is now easier than ever with the FonB system. There are even safeguards that prevent duplication of contacts when merging contacts from multiple sources to streamline efficiency.

Aptus has earned the Voxilla Provider Spotlight for its revolutionary phone book system that will change that way businesses make and manage phone calls and client management. They have provided a complete and comprehensive phonebook solution for Asterisk phone systems that makes calling and storing contacts easy.

To learn more about the Aptus FonB software for Asterisk, Click Here.