Provider Spotlight:

VoIPdito is a Business VoIP provider that has earned the October Spotlight because of its outstanding enterprise class cloud PBX system and its extensive features. Transform any business, no matter the size, with the VoIPdito business-class cloud system and its ability to lower costs, increase productivity, and grow with your business. VoIPdito follows their simple 3T philosophy: Telephone, Time, and Trust. These are the three pillars upon which the excellent service that VoIPdito provides, are founded.


The VoIPdito solution is a cloud based PBX, which means that VoIPdito maintains the system. This alleviates expensive equipment and maintenance costs from the customer, while still providing them with all of the advanced features of a high-quality PBX solution. VoIPdito offers their customers phone numbers in more than 4,000 cities worldwide. This means that any business can expand their presence while retaining access to multiple local area codes. VoIPdito users get reduced rates to standard phone numbers and get unlimited free calling to any VoIP number worldwide. The VoIPdito business telephone system goes a step further than the competition with their expansive and integrated communication platform, to provide clear, consistent service.


VoIPdito is designed to save its customers time. Since the system is cloud based, there is no hardware or software to install. VoIPdito understands that its customer’s time is precious, and none of it should be wasted maintaining a PBX. This is why their system has been simply designed to streamline the installation process. A VoIPdito business phone system can be up and running in minutes. VoIPdito doesn’t stop saving valuable time with the no-hassle installation, businesses can maximize productivity with a complete-control web console. This allows an administrator to manage calls, view call history, check voice-mail, and review call recordings, all from one convenient desktop program. Scalable network architecture grows with your business, eliminating the need for multiple service visits and equipment upgrades. This feature rich IP telephony switch will allow businesses to waste less time and grow more business.


Reliability and security are fundamental to VoIPdito’s mission. The VoIPdito goal is for all of their customers to have complete trust in the reliability of their phone systems. The system is built on a robust, secure, and time-tested architecture in order to ensure maximum reliability. The versatility of Hosted PBX from VoIPdito also ensures that in any emergency event or equipment failure, calls can be quickly and easily re-routed to restore communications. This disaster proof system allows for calls to be redirected to any fixed or mobile phone, so there’s never a need to miss a call, no matter what, with the VoIPdito phone system.

VoIPdito offers everything a business needs from a VoIP provider: They offer great features delivered with simple, inexpensive pricing. Communicate easier, pay less, and get more done with the VoIPdito business phone system. To view pricing and services from, visit their website here.