Provider Spotlight: VoIP Superstore by CI Gear

CI Gear’s VoIP Superstore is the premier distributor of VoIP related technology, hardware, and gear. Located near the Canadian city of Toronto, Ontario, the VoIP Superstore ships the best equipment available all over the United States and Canada. But what exactly makes CI Gear’s store so super?

Offering the largest variety of VoIP products and services around, the VoIP Superstore is a one-stop shop for all phone system needs. They offer a variety of hardware and software products including VoIP phones, VoIP gateways, IP PBX, phone systems, VoIP adapters, headsets, switches, routers, and technical support services.

They focus on delivering innovative VoIP system hardware, software, and services that save their customers time and money.


In addition to providing VoIP hardware, CI Gear’s VoIP Superstore also offers VoIP phone services. They provide fully managed hosted VoIP phone systems, as well as solutions for integrating existing phone systems with VoIP technology. They also offer Virtual PRIs, Wholesale SIP Trunks, Unlimited calling, and more.

For companies using VoIP to enhance their video conferencing abilities, CI Gear provides solutions for unified communication between phone and video. They even help businesses establish HD Video Conferencing capabilities, as well as strong telepresence for their employees. This helps ensure that businesses that use such systems can look and sound like they’re in the same room, whether they are trying to close a deal with a client or simply making telecommuters seem present.


The VoIP Superstore has a massive selection of VoIP equipment. They carry the following major industry brands of hardware:

  • 3CX

  • Aastra

  • Allo

  • Cisco

  • Digium

  • Elastix

  • Jazinga

  • Life Size

  • Linksys

  • Grandstream

  • Jabra

  • OpenVox

  • Panasonic

  • Patton

  • PIKA

  • Plantronics

  • Polycom

  • Sangoma

  • Snom

  • Yealink

Even more brands are available in the Superstore than are listed here. Visit their website to see their full list of brand-name products. With such a large selection, CI Gear can guarantee that they stock the equipment that forms a perfect match for specific business solutions.


CI Gear’s selection of VoIP hardware and software is unparalleled. No other company can match their value or selection, and the fact that they offer their products across the US and Canada gives them a winning edge.

For example, they offer 3CX Phone System for Windows software, allowing customers to easily set up a professional, modern business phone system. Businesses using Skype software can buy specialized hardware for Skype integration into phone systems, a custom Skype call center, and even Skype phones and terminals, all available in many models.

The VoIP Superstore has the equipment to set up the largest and most complete on-site PBX systems, but also offers VoIP adapters for single telephones that want to connect to VoIP. They even offer video wall products for superior video conferencing.

Convenient Interface

The website for CI Gear’s VoIP Superstore is incredibly easy to navigate, making it easy to find the best products for the best price. Customers can select from their most popular products in a picture format, that shows pictures of the products in each category to give them a better idea of what is offered on that page. If they prefer to shop by brand, customers can select certain brands from a drop-down menu that they would like to see.

CI Gear’s VoIP Superstore is the ultimate source for hardware or software. Since they also offer their own VoIP services, this makes them an excellent starting spot for those considering switching to a VoIP phone system for their home or business.


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