Provider Spotlight: VOIPITS

Founded in 2012, VOIPITS has already exploded onto the scene as one of the top business VoIP providers on the marketplace. Specialized towards businesses, VOIPITS uses Internet calling to offer intelligent phone systems and more. The VOIPITS headquarters is located in the city of Toronto, Ontario, where they offer excellent business VoIP services to the US and Canada.

VOIPITS offers competitive IP business solutions for small to large businesses. The provider has also gained a recent following on social media. VOIPITS President Aaron Shames has been behind VOIPITS’s newest innovative business decisions, including the latest foray into virtual numbers.

VOIPITS offers their customers unlimited extensions, unlimited voicemail space, PBXww phone systems, along with several other key features that make VOIPITS an excellent choice for any business.

Virtual Phone Numbers

VOIPITS supports Direct Inward Dialing (DID) services in over 50 foreign countries. This is just part of their effort to constantly expand greater coverage to more regions. In addition, they offer an extensive selection of international phone numbers to choose from.

Virtual numbers by VOIPITS boast a variety of features. Internet calls on their lines are of the highest quality, and a secured infrastructure ensures reliability. DID numbers can be activated online instantly, allowing their customers to start taking advantage of unlimited calling 24 hours a day.

Every virtual number comes with a PBXww free of charge, which is a revolutionary tool for managing inbound calls. The PBXww receives calls from one or many local numbers, then directs those calls to extension numbers. Automated attendants playback friendly and customizable recorded messages to direct callers to the department they need.


VOIPITS offers both on-site and hosted PBX systems. These systems are perfect for in-house use and remote employees.

Friendly support gives small businesses personalized service 24/7. VOIPITS makes no compromise with their customer service, or their PBX solutions. The ultimate expandability associated with PBX systems lets businesses grow as they need to, with as many extensions and phone lines as they need.

VOIPITS PBX systems unify communications into one phone system to connect all office locations. Calls made this way are considered internal, and are absolutely free. Intelligent call routing allows incoming calls to be routed to departments, extensions, cell phones, answering machines and many other phone options.

Business SIP

Business-grade SIP trunking allows for superior VoIP phone line service. While they work best when paired with a VOIPITS hosted PBX system, they can still be configured to match almost every different type of PBX out there. VOIPITS SIP lines are cheaper than other phone companies, with the same standard features.

When coupled up with unlimited long distance and a great price, VOIPITS almost seems too good to be true. Fortunately, they’re not lying when they offer unlimited calling throughout Canada and the US for only $39/month.

Web Hosting

VOIPITS even offers web hosting at affordable rates, allowing businesses to build their own websites complete with email hosting. Redundant and secure infrastructure guarantees a 99.9% uptime for maximum reliability. Professional websites are quick and easy to build with their tools, with hundreds of designs to choose from.

Businesses have many options to choose from when picking out the right VoIP services. For companies that expect to do a lot of business in locations in Canada and the United States, VOIPITS provides the best solutions on the market today.