Hosted VoIP: The Build-Your-Own Mobility Solution

Over the last few years, the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) industry has experienced an increased demand for new business communications solutions and functionalities. In turn, providers have been working to expand existing platforms and churn innovative solutions that facilitate mobility and remote work.

Today’s increasingly popular trend of permitting employees to work outside of the office wouldn’t be possible without cloud-based innovations in hosted PBX and the many services it powers, including video conferencing and unified communications.

The efficiency and flexibility of business hosted VoIP make it easy to develop solutions that use less hardware and fewer devices. Many VoIP providers offer a variety of features, plans and functions that allow users to choose an inclusive solution that best fits their personal needs, making it a “build-your-own” solution so-to-speak.

With a hosted PBX — or telephony switchboard hardware that routes a company’s calls through the cloud — employees can integrate mobile services into their personal smartphones and tablet devices.

Here are a few of the leading solutions and services that you can use to build a customized suite of communications tools that fits your personal business needs:

Voicemail to Email

Whether you’re on the road, in a meeting or out to lunch with colleagues, Voicemail to Email sends voice messages directly to email for convenient access and faster response to important messages. Business-line voicemails can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device.

Unified Communications

Unified messaging merges systems, devices and applications to create a core communications platform so users no longer have to juggle multiple telephone numbers, give out their personal cell phone numbers or place calls to multiple numbers to reach the right person. Unified messaging provides a central location for all communications channels including email, fax, voicemail and messaging, which makes it easier than ever to exchange information, regardless of location.

Video Conferencing

In today’s globalized economy, face-to-face meetings have become a prerequisite for leveraging new market opportunities. Companies understand the importance of engaging with customers, partners and colleagues in person, but many of these in-person meetings could be replaced with a video conferencing solution to save time and money. Video conferencing creates a conference room without walls that gives employees the anywhere access that professionals need.

Virtual Fax

Cloud-based fax solutions are quickly replacing traditional fax machines as the fastest, most convenient way to send documents. Virtual Fax uses the power of the Internet to send and receive faxes to email. With any web-enabled device, users can quickly access faxes from any remote location.

Web Collaboration

Web conferencing is a contemporary Internet-based approach to collaboration that includes video and audio components, but also extends to a variety of features that enable more enhanced interaction through the desktop environment. An online meeting service facilitates teamwork, partnership and collaboration among users both inside and outside the organization through interactive meeting features. Presenters can share content with built-in audio and video support. With these tools, employees can organize, manage and attend online meetings, webinars, sales demos, training sessions and live support calls – all without having to step foot in the office building.


Anywhere functionality allows users to route inbound calls to up to five other destinations and make outbound calls from a personal mobile phone under their business identity, which allows professionals to protect personal information and still be accessible when needed. Simultaneous ring time can be set to ring all lines at once, and sequential ringtone can be set to call listed numbers in a specified order.

By leveraging cloud PBX solutions, organizations can merge data and voice connections to improve bottom line and put their provider in charge of managing and maintaining the phone system. A customized suite of VoIP-powered solutions can eliminate the cost and headache of an outdated telephone system, and integrate a cost-effective managed voice solution with far greater capabilities.

By: Victoria Fields, Copywriter for Momentum Telecom, a cloud-based communications provider based out of Birmingham, Alabama.


  1. Phil Segal says:

    Agreed. Between Skype and, my communication bills are relatively non-existent.

  2. Researchers estimate that at the current rate of adoption, VoIP will account for almost 100 percent of voice communication by 2015

  3. Hosted PBX system has many advantages over a traditional premise-based PBX system like Flexibility, Scalability and Cost effective

  4. michael says:

    That is correct Michael, I have tried that before and totally I find it great, hassle free.

  5. michael says:

    Found voip provider who offers hosted pbx, they call it npbx. basic calling management, it’s so much easier for me to use after several hours of familiarizing the features 🙂 it’s great