Provider Spotlight: VOIPITS

Founded in 2012, VOIPITS has already exploded onto the scene as one of the top business VoIP providers on the marketplace. Specialized towards businesses, VOIPITS uses Internet calling to offer intelligent phone systems and more. The VOIPITS headquarters is located in the city of Toronto, Ontario, where they offer excellent business VoIP services to the US and Canada. VOIPITS offers competitive IP business solutions for small to large businesses. The provider has also gained a recent following … [Read more...]

Hosted VoIP: The Build-Your-Own Mobility Solution

Over the last few years, the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) industry has experienced an increased demand for new business communications solutions and functionalities. In turn, providers have been working to expand existing platforms and churn innovative solutions that facilitate mobility and remote work. Today’s increasingly popular trend of permitting employees to work outside of the office wouldn’t be possible without cloud-based innovations in hosted PBX and the many services it … [Read more...]

Provider in the Spotlight: DIDforSale

Based in sunny California, DIDforSale is a market leader in business VoIP services. As one of the most popular VoIP providers, DIDforSale is known for the superior quality of their services, and for offering superior prices. Rates are under $9.00 a month, with call rates that drop to as low as only $0.004 per minute. To top this all off, DIDforSale charges no minimums, and offers strong customer service. DIDforSale is partnered with several quality service providers in the US and all over the … [Read more...]