Maximizing your Business’s Meetings with VoIP Conferencing Suites

We live in an increasingly connected world, and every year there are new inventions on the market that help people stay plugged-in and in-the-loop at all times. As a result, it is much easier to keep businesses up and running in times when all employees cannot be in the same place.

Your business may already use business-owned cell phones and laptops to keep employees connected, but if your company has not yet expanded into business VoIP IP video conferencing solutions, then you may not have the best connectivity plan for your needs. If your business does not yet have smartphones capable of IP conferencing, you can compare cell phones using MyRatePlan’s unique comparison tool and filter by phones that allow for VoIP conferencing.

There are lots of different kinds of conferencing plans available on the market with lots of different options and features. With some careful investigation, you should be able to find a plan that is the perfect fit for your business. But if you’re still on the fence, here are 4 great ways that IP conferencing can improve your business practices and your office connectivity right away.

1. Host Meetings for Employees and Partners All Over the World

Need to host a meeting with employees or partners in spread-out locations? A hosted video conference service is a perfect solution. Business owners can choose between IP video solutions and voice solutions depending on whether or not they think their meeting would benefit from a video component.

Hosted meeting solutions are a great way to get everyone on the same page without having to pay for travel costs to send employees around the world for meetings. You can put forward a highly professional appearance for partners and potential partners without having to spend a lot on travel costs.

2. Choose Between Voice and Video Conferencing Options Based on Your Needs

With many VoIP providers, you have the option to choose between all voice, and voice and video conferencing options. Depending on what you are looking for in a remote conference, you can choose between prices on plans with different levels of voice and video options. For example, video conferencing plans with 8×8 start at $99/month for a lower definition plan for 15 participants. Virtual meeting plans start at $29.99/month for a plan for 15 participants.

So if you tend to use lots of visual aids or prefer face to face conversations, you can opt in favor or video conferencing plans. If you tend to only use online visual aids and don’t put as much stock in video presence, you can go with a cheaper plan as you feel comfortable.

3. Better Incorporate Remote Employees

We live in a global marketplace, which is great for businesses. You now have access to resources and talents all over the world, not just in your immediate area. This means that if the best graphic designer lives two states away, there’s no reason you can’t hire them just because they can’t be in the office everyday.

But there are some things you just can’t convey efficiently over email. Conferencing solutions offer cheap communication services that keep all employees up-to-date, no matter where they are in the world.

4. Improve your Office Hardware Setup with Better IP Conference Phones, Video Screens, and Cameras, or Keep It Simple As You Choose

Depending on the size and scale of your IP conferencing solution, you may be interested in implementing new hardware solutions in your office. You can choose between sophisticated conference phones for large conference rooms, or simple IP phones. Or you can just use your current desk phone, computer speaker, or mobile phone to join the conference. You have the same level of flexibility in projection screens and cameras. Pick and choose new equipment as it suits your office.


  1. svo says:

    VoIP systems enable business owners to connect multiple devices to their account. Imagine if, instead of running to the front of the store every time the phone rings or they’re paged over the intercom, each associate could answer calls from anywhere in the store.
    We have enjoyed having a good wholesale VoIP provider in our area that gives us all the technical things we need.


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