Maintaining Continuity with VoIP Phone Systems – Even During Disasters

We’ve all heard the saying, “March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb.” However, in some parts of the country, particularly the Northeast, March is still acting like the proverbial big cat, slamming us with more snow, wet weather, and other extreme conditions. This refusal to let go of wintry weather echoes years past, when blizzards hit when most of us were longing for spring. Additionally, many of us have simply had it with extreme weather; with Hurricane Sandy and other storms ripping through the East Coast, it’s been a rough ride, particularly for businesses that rely on connectivity to thrive. Such storms downed power lines, shut down transportation, and caused city-wide blackouts. However, VoIP phone systems helped many people keep their businesses up and running during the extreme weather – and are a great way to help manage any weather-related crisis, whether it’s a hurricane, snowstorm, or anything else Mother Nature might bring your way.

For example, VoIP business phone systems like those provided by Broadview Networks stayed up and running during Hurricane Sandy, which hit major metropolises like NYC very hard. One of the most difficult things to maintain during such a weather event is continuity; while your office on the East Coast may be affected by severe weather, your clients in California still expect deliverables and to be able to communicate with you. This is where VoIP phone systems come in – because everything is stored in the cloud, you can still access your office phone number, check messages, and maintain continuity with clients in the face of disaster. As long as you have Internet access, you have your business phone system at the ready.

A great benefit of maintaining continuity (and productivity) is that you will also maintain efficiency. That means no falling behind, continued business efforts, and of course, no damage to your bottom line. When severe weather strikes and businesses are unprepared, they can lose money by not remaining up and running. With a VoIP phone system, you can avoid all of these woes and continue conducting business. Let March’s unpredictable weather unfold without worry!

This is a guest post from Broadview Networks


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