Improve Your Workflow with these Unique VoIP Features

A recent Pepsi commercial features a man who is constantly presented with extravagant gifts, but who replies only, “And?” each time. In a way, the man is representative of this generation: people don’t just want to know the basics, but rather what extra features are available. It doesn’t matter if it’s something as expensive as a car, or cheap as a phone service with VoIP, most people want as many bells and whistles as possible.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is the technology that sends voice data over the Internet. VoIP is a cheap alternative to traditional phone service, and because it uses IP connections in place of wireline connections, providers can offer some pretty unique features with their monthly plans. Some providers also offer features that are unique to their service, features that can be useful for both business and residential customers.

Vocalocity: Call Monitoring

Vocalocity offers a business VoIP feature called call monitoring, which lets you listen in on your employee’s customer calls. With this feature, you can can monitor your employees’ performances on customer calls. The feature has three functions:

  • Monitor: You listen in on the call to hear customer interactions, but neither the calling nor the called party can hear you.
  • Whisper: You can talk to your employee without the customer hearing you.
  • Barge: You can join the call outright in order to assist the employee if they are really struggling.

For a business that handles a lot of customer service calls, a feature like call monitoring is a great way to train employees. You can monitor their progress, and assist them if they need help.

RingCentral: Business SMS

RingCentral has a feature called business SMS that is included in the basic business VoIP plans. The feature allows employees to text using the business’s phone number rather than their personal mobile number. Business SMS integrates with an existing phone system, and allows the employees to:

  • Text with customers, colleagues, or suppliers using their business number.
  • Text a department without needing every member’s individual number.
  • Send and receive texts on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
  • Access text, voice, and fax messages on a single mobile device.

The feature is in beta right now, which means it is in a testing phase, but it should be rolling out to all subscribers very soon. Bandwidth Saver offers a feature called a bandwidth saver, which lets you reduce the amount of bandwidth your VoIP service uses. Bandwidth is the amount of traffic your Internet connection can accommodate at any one time. In essence, the higher your bandwidth, the faster your Internet is. claims that the bandwidth saver can reduce your VoIP service’s bandwidth consumption by up to two-thirds. Nobody wants to dedicate a large portion of their bandwidth to one service, and a bandwidth saver prevents that.


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