VoIP for Travel

With cheap international rates, mobile apps, and facetime chat, VoIP technology is an ideal choice for travelers going on quick trips or long voyages.

VoIP (“Voice over Internet Protocol”) is the means to make phone calls over the Internet instead of the traditional way of making phone calls through landlines or cellular towers. As long as the user is traveling to a place with Internet access, then they have the ability to stay connected to their family and friends back home.

International calling

First and foremost, VoIP technology is known for cheap international rates. For instance, VoIP provider ITP has an excellent flat international fee of $24.99 a month with unlimited calling to over 60+ countries, including popular spots like the UK, Japan, Argentina, and Italy.

Cheap rates give the user freedom to make phone calls while in international countries. The traveler may need a working phone for calling hotels, taxis, and friends along the way, and with VoIP they don’t have to worry about high cost for international minutes.

There are VoIP plans with that renew on a monthly basis, but users with international friends and family may find long-term international plans to be a better fit, such as VoIP provider Phone.com’s $4.88 per month rate under a two-year contract that includes unlimited calling to 30 major countries. For a plan with a larger international scope, there’s VoIP provider Axvoice which offers unlimited calls to as many as 45 countries such as Greece, Portugal, and Sweden for only $16.95 per month.


Travelers heading out of country need a phone service as mobile as they are. Several providers like Phone Power offer a mobile app so travelers can bring their VoIP plan along with them on their smartphones.

Recently, several other providers have expanded their apps to include tablets, laptops, and iPods. With these great deals and mobile capabilities, users can take their cheap VoIP plan with them in their backpack, suitcase, purse, duffle bag, steamer trunk, knapsack, rucksack, haversack, or carry-on baggage.

Video chat

When a simple picture won’t cut it, VoIP technology offers face-to-face video chatting. As long as the VoIP user and the person they’re talking to has an Internet connection, then the traveler can bring their friends along with them in their trek of the Amazon, or their navigation through the Colosseum, or to see the skies of Australia.

And of course, once travelers come home they still have all the other benefits of VoIP, such as unlimited international calling, call forwarding, call blocking, voicemail-to-email, Internet fax, 3-way calling, and online management of their plan.

More reliable than a hostel and just as cheap, VoIP is the way to stay connected when traveling internationally. There’s a world out there that can’t be seen from behind a desk. And for travelers who pick out jobs based on vacation time, then VoIP is their new best travel companion. Happy travels!