VoIP Provider Callcentric Offers New Plans, Free Phone Numbers

VoIP service provider CallCentric launched a redesigned web site and added several new features over the weekend.


Among the changes:

Callcentric customers can sign up for free incoming phone numbers that can be used for any purpose. The numbers, from more than 80 rate centers in New York state, incur no monthly or incoming per-minute fees.

Two new rate plans have been introduced in addition to Callcentric‘s unlimited calling plan ($19.95/month), now called North America Residential. A 500-minute per month North America 500 ($6.95/mo.) and a 100-minute per month North America 1000 ($12.95).

Rate plans now support multiple calls without additional charges. This means that calls coming in to a Callcentric account can be forwarded to another phone number in North America, or simultaneous outgoing calls (for the purpose of three-way calling, for example), would not incur a per minute charge for the second call. Multiple calls are limited to the number of channels assigned to a Callcentric account, typically three.

A complete list and description of the new services can be found here.