Digium’s Asterisk VoIP Phones Now Available

Digium has announced that its trio of IP phones announced in February are now available for purchase. Designed to easily integrate with Digium's open source Asterisk PBX and it's commercial Switchvox United Communications system, each phone is capable of high-quality “HD voice” using the G.722 wideband speech codec and come with a number of built-in applications, including interactive voice mail, call parking and easy call recording. The models include a $130 2-line entry level phone … [Read more...]

Verizon’s Anti-VoIP Measure Kills Naked DSL

Verizon Communications is feeling the bottom-line impact as more homes abandon landlines in favor of cellular and VoIP service. The carrier, reports Computer World, will require its DSL internet access customers to purchase wired phone service from the company as well, which adds at least $5 to a monthly bill. Verizon reported an 8 percent drop in residential phone service it it's last fiscal year, and admits that VoIP is having an impact. (ComputerWorld: Verizon to stop offering standalone … [Read more...]

E911 Over IP: VoIP Makes Emergency Calls Much Cheaper, Much Better

Decades-old dispatch technologies are holding E911 back,  not VoIP.

Perhaps the only remaining deterrent to consumer adoption of VoIP is the belief that Emergency 911 calling services do not work well with the technology. While this may have been true in VoIP's earliest days, it is certainly not the case now. In the US, there are plenty of E911 options available that permit VoIP users to abandon their landline with little fear that vital emergency services are unavailable. And, in some cases, VoIP-specific E911 can provide more robust emergency services … [Read more...]