AT&T Accused of Swindling Millions Through Services Aiding the Deaf and Disabled

There is ample evidence showing that expensive incumbent phone carriers in the U.S. such as AT&T make little sense for consumers. Now there's more. The US Justice Department is filing suit against AT&T, Inc., accusing the telephone giant of cheating the government out of millions of dollars by knowingly allowing swindlers to use federally subsidized telephone service for the deaf, reports the Reuters news agency. According to the report, the lawsuit, filed in federal court in … [Read more...]

Company Spotlight: Obihai Technology Reinventing VoIP a Third Time

Obihai Technology

If your home or office phone system has any analog telephone adaptor (ATA) or one of several Cisco-branded IP telephones, you are using products originally engineered and developed by the team at Obihai Technology. In fact, while running Komodo Technology in the 1990s, Obihai's founders, CEO Jan Fandrianto and VP of Engineering Sam Sin, helped launch the consumer VoIP industry when they invented the analog telephone adaptor. The company was bought by Cisco and the ATA-186 and ATA188 devices … [Read more...]