A Peek at Upcoming OBi Residential and Business VoIP Adaptor Hints at Powerful Features

If you visit Obihai Technology's website (http://obihai.com) and have a quick eye, you'll catch a glimpse of the company's next hardware release. And if you think the OBi110 and OBi100 analog telephone adaptors are helping to redefine the consumer VoIP space, then you will not be disappointed by the OBi202. According to one of four graphic boxes that swipe horizontally and quickly across the top of company's web front page, here's a bit of what Obihai claims for the OBi202: Zero-touch … [Read more...]

Google Voice Continues Free US-Canada VoIP Calling Through 2012

Google Voice free calls through 2012

Google will continue to offer free US and Canada calls through its Google Voice service through 2012, according to a message that appears when a new user signs up for the service. Google had promised to offer US-based user free calls through the end of 2011. The company usually announces its free offers using one of a number of its blogs, and in this case no such announcement has been made. But the new service message, first publicly disclosed via a user post on the slickdeals.net … [Read more...]